As a fundraiser for the company that i am with i am trying to do a cookbook but i need help if anyone has any good recipes that they would like for me to include please send them to me with your name and hometown if you want them included and i would be more then happy to include them this is the first one that i am tryng to do and hoping to get 200 recipe from anyone that i know so if you want to help send them to me. any ? please ask

thank you

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Hey Elizabeth.My Fire Company Did a Cookbook In 1983(when I was 5),and it did pretty well.AS For My Favorite Recipe,I'd have to ask my Mom or Dad where the heck it is to get'll get back to you as soon as i can get it.
ok thank you if possible ask them how many they ordered i want to order 200 but not sure if i can sell more i want to be safe and sell alot bc they are so easy and pretty cheap with 200 we can make over $1,000 and i think that it would be easy to sell more but not sure i thought about posting on here to see if how many presale i can get and go from there but need to talk to the club first are meeting is tomorrow nite and i willl know more then ty for the help
Well,if your company has a web site ,put a printable order form,on line to fill out and mail in.Thats what we did with our Bricks we are triing to sell to fund our new play ground at our Park.Put adds in the local paperor as we have "Penny Saver",etc.
ok my Mom said they ordered about 200 copies,sold to our members first since it had our recipes in it.then took out an add in our local penny saver,and sold them at other fund raisers,and at events we went too.She thinks they sold about 300 all together.Its funny that we still see them at yard sales around town.
Try this one Elizabeth.

4 medium potatoes thinly sliced, 1 medium onion also chopped up. In a woke put in 1/8cup oil, or there about, cook the onion and potatoes until almost soft. while this is cooking cut up half of a kobash. Slice it up, then quarter them. Add them to the potatoes and cook until hot. You can season the potatoes and onions with garlic salt or season salt. Just season to tast. This is one family favorite on mine.
have a name for the recipe and is it ok to add your name so that you can get credit for it?
Kobash and potatoes. Yes you can.
? for you what is kobash is it like polish sausage
thank you westphilly
Yes it is a sausage.
ok i wasnt sure if it was misspelled i dont thinkthat i have ever hard of it lol unless it is a southern thing but thank you
that is what i thought to but i anted to make sure

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