Hi! My name is Samantha and I am not a firefighter.

I am however a college student at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I am in the Industrial Design department. What we do is design/redesign products to be more efficient, more ergonomic and just basically more user and earth friendly.

What does this have to do with you? Well we are currently working on a Walkie Talkie project, and I have decided to redesign a walkie talkie set for a firefighter. I am really excited about this, but like I said I know nothing about firefighting.

That is why I am asking if you could respond to this post with information that could help me make a design you might actually like! A few questions you could respond to are:

•What current issues do you have with your current walkie talkie systems?
•Are they hard to use with your gloves?
•Could they be designed more efficiently for ease of use?
•Where do you usually keep them? On your arm? In your pocket?
•What other devices do you use that has a design/function that you like?
•Do you know what plastic they are made from? Is it good at heat resistance?
•If you could make the walkie talkie any color, which color would you want it to be? Easier to see?

ANY help would be GREAT! I really appreciate it, and keep up the good work saving lives and keeping us safe!


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maybe a walkie talkie to blue tooth converter so you could use a blue tooth head set inside of the scba mask, just an idea.
If you could do something with the gloves to make them less bulky and still meet nfpa standerds that would be the best.
bottom line..oh hello by the way and welcome.. bottom line is making radios easy and reliable an integrated system that could work in the SCBA hands free would be great (hands are usually otherwise occupied) and with mics if there were a way to secure the cord to the bunker gear to avoid it catching on debris or getting pulled out that would be helpful
something with a clearer sounding speaker. but im not really for the brighter colors because in my department we all carry ours with us every day where ever we go. we are a volunteer department by the way. oh and a stronger plastic on the radio would be nice.

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