Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the high level of incompetence shown, (especially where the young guys are concerned), in the arena of grammer? Dare I say spelling, but I am a lousy speller as well. Sister Virginia would kick my ass if she thought I was killing the English language the way these people do. As would most of the other teachers I've had, not to mention my mother! How does a person make it through life without the ability to communicate? I fear we as a society will be overrun by a culture of profesional communicators that can only say correctly, "Would you like to supersize that sir'? Am I just an idiot for noticing this or should I be happy that my son will grow up with the ability to speak and write? Or is that speek and rite?

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Yea, but "slovic" wouldn't work with the parrot slober mention.
i sure did, what a dumb ass. i must say i misseppled it because i read it that way on jims hahahaha
why didnt u say anything to jim about his misspelling????? or did u?
Jim you're officially a hottie although your misspelling of grammar just got me to misspell it, so what can we say right?!!!
So there IS a difference between Boron tribromide and Boron trichloride and Boron Trifluoride? ;-)

It can mean the difference between ERG 125 and ERG 157.

Poor spelling can really flummox the reader.

Xerox that and send it to me.
Hah; x at the beginning AND the end.
Top that!
Damn; Mel already did with "Xanax".
The sad thing is I didn't make that up. I quoted it from another thread on this site. The writer was making a serious and legitimate response to a discussion and that is how he wrote it.

Drive past,,,,,,,,,yea, that's it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,drive past.

(couldn't resist)
What about totally? Let's get it right peeple!
holy moly.....a thoughtful and reasonable comment that actually relates to the discussion, point by point.
That'll be enough out of YOU Mr. Lassiter. We can't be raising the bar at this late date.

oh for ......(sputter)....that was .....(groan).......

Oh damn it, I promised I wouldn't laugh......(snort)

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