Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the high level of incompetence shown, (especially where the young guys are concerned), in the arena of grammer? Dare I say spelling, but I am a lousy speller as well. Sister Virginia would kick my ass if she thought I was killing the English language the way these people do. As would most of the other teachers I've had, not to mention my mother! How does a person make it through life without the ability to communicate? I fear we as a society will be overrun by a culture of profesional communicators that can only say correctly, "Would you like to supersize that sir'? Am I just an idiot for noticing this or should I be happy that my son will grow up with the ability to speak and write? Or is that speek and rite?

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I am going to go stand over THERE until the flames die down.
Then, I may come back and attempt to offer tips on rezumay riting.
thay cem jus fin.
btw its speld "grammar"

(yes, i know. i totally went against my belief of a worthwhile response. couldn't resist.)
LOL! Sister Mary whatshername and her cohorts would beat the tar out of me if I didn't spel things corecktly. They did enuf beeting as it was.

I'm wondering if some people are skilled at touch-typing and type as they think, but don't go back and read what they have set down.
And paragrafs. Don't ferget paragrafs
Oh my gosh .... this thread is killing me! I too have a little hang up about grammar and spelling, and don't forget punctuation! I guess that goes with grammar.
Kids these a days have a challenge, I think, due to the computer use and computer and texting shortcuts. I even get a bit sloppy myself at times on the computer. :-o

So, what do you think about people who "could care less", when they actually mean "couldn't care less"??? lol
I think the spelling is a product of texting, etc...

As for grammer and being able to put a sentence together...well.

There are a lot of flamers, and no not the rainbow flag crowd, the ones who post inflammatory remarks about others ideas on the site and make it sound like an episode of "In Living Color".

IF people actually thought about what they had just written before hitting send...
I think an apology is in order. The realization has just hit that I SOUND LIKE MY MOTHER!!!! mabe im just gettin old. More to the truth, maby I got old a long time ago!
Thanks to text messaging and IM's we now can send things quickly and not worry about spelling, grammar and all that other stuff we've been taught since 1st grade. Somedays I think that our teachers taught us all that stuff just to keep us busy. Maybe they better start teaching us real skills. Like "Advanced txtng." LOL.
Ok, this has to be the funniest post i've seen on the nation so far, but yet it has to be the one that hits the spot more than any other. As a college graduate (Business Management) turned firefighter this is killing me also. All those classes I spent getting my grammer and spelling right was absolutely worthless right? I wish I could film my career day speeches back at my high school, I usually end up on how to just be a professional instead of how to become a firefighter. Isn't that cruel.
It hurts me, physically, to see people with good common sense and something articulate to say lose any punch or effectiveness because of simple spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Allow me to translate:

It herts me, fisically, too see peeople with good comon cents and sumthing....

I can't go on.
And we've all had a Sister Virginia (mine was Sister Mary Ruth....who was waaaaay past her shelf life....she arrived armed with multiple cans of Lysol for the phantom aromas she smelled in the classroom)...and most of them had the Kung-Fu grip.....

I'm still traumatized by penguins.
I may not be the best in spelling, puncuation, and setting up a correct paragraph has always been my weak point! But, I try to correct any mistakes I find before hitting send, simply to avoid looking dumb. I think that has to do alot with growing up/older. Which I must admit I've been trying to not do, to no avail. Todays kids (mostly, I consider anyone under 20 a kid, no offense intended) Just either haven't been taught or pushed to their fullest potential, by their parents! Thus, you have a whole community of people that don't know any better or just don't care! As far as penguins... I was a straight A student untill I went to the public school system, I went to catholic school from first to third grade. I still believe that was because they were striving to teach instead of just collecting a paycheck.

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