Its amazing the trust people give you. You’re a complete stranger to them, yet at the moment which is the worst part of their life’s they trust you 100 percent to be there for them. They relate you to god. They think you have this unspoken power to control fate. That some how some way you are invincible.

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You are correct Kendra people in need do put alot of trust in you when you show up to help them in there moment of need. I beleave it amounts to the fact that we are expected to provide them with a positive outcome no matter what the situation may be. Most civilians only look at it as "if I call they will come and all will be well"! All one needs to do is turn on the t.v. and look at any rescue type show or movie after all it always turns out well right!?
Ive been a patient and an EMT. I have both saves (7) and many more losses (9/11) both service members and patients. Never loose touch with the fact that while many patients will consider you a miracle or ray of light when you show up to help them in their worst time of need, we are but them by the grace of god.

Not only can this happen to us but also if we dont keep in perspective and that might mean not placing too much stock on those who throw in the God complex into the equation.

As a rookie EMT I was taken in by some of the older veterans who had 17+ plus years experience and taught to respect the uniform, the pain, the tears and keep it in perspective. You will have many good calls but you will have many bad calls. Try to remember the good and when someone walks up to you to thank you for helping them, saving them or being kind enjoy the feeling. The dead one's dont talk but I know some would have been grateful to have a kind person next to them instead of a paragod or worse someone totally preoccupied.

We are not gatekeepers but transport facilitators an old colleague taught me. Sometimes we are there because its our job, sometimes because its the patients job to be there and sometimes because a colleague needs to have the experience. Our only job is to go from A to B, quickly, efficiently and not becoming part of the trauma. This means vent, talk, learn and go on to the next call but never forget we have NO power. They just think we can control their fate but in reality we cant even control ours.

I am not a hero, only a survivor. There is a huge difference.
Cody I do agree with you,however; this whole paragod thing really burns me up everytime I hear someone say it.... We as rescuers, are just helping God for he is the one that will choose if a person stays or leaves this world!!!! No matter how much schooling or experience you have the word GOD should not be used to ID yourself as a healthcare provider or in any other field... If it wasn't for GOD none of us would have been able to even comprenhened the education that was tault to us....He controls all things,and he can take what he wishes from you....Just because your looked apon as high and mighty,dosen't mean you are...And in all reality.....Thow shall not be any other gods idoiled... Every time you let a person look @ you as a God, there blood is now on your hands because you didn't correct them....We are just everyday people that have been trusted with a gift from GOD to help the sick & injuired....I will recieve my thank yous in heaven...
Just don't let it go to your head....Thats how people mess up, they get cockie...Strive to be the best you can be,but never give a pt. false hope that no matter what you will save them...Don't get me wrong, most everyone I know would basically lay there life down right on the spot to save someone else or take the pain and suffering away that one feels.... But, we are not GOD...we can only do what the man up stairs allows us to....He has the final say on what happens.... Kendra, I truely hope and pray you always make the best descions poss. in the field, just never think of yourself as a paragod, when you get cockie, things go wrong..It becomes all about you at that point and you will make mistakes...You are human,no more no less...Good luck out there...
That is one of the reasons I get into this job 27 years ago. It still holds up that we are the people that are suppose to show up when someone is at the worst and needs we have what we offer in help and abilities. Has not changed as yet!!! Zimm
If you set your expectations too high, you will fall farther.
You work within a skill set to affect an outcome.
Yeah; it's cool when everything goes right, but it won't always go "right". Lots can go wrong. Learning how to overcome that, adapting if you will, will help you keep your sanity.
If you try to live up to your adoring public's expectations, both of you will be disappointed.
That's why it's called "human kind".
I have many skeletons in my closet; real AND imagined.
They didn't make it.
I did.
Often people perceive first responders as their only hope in a bad situation. If the outcome is good, we are good. If we cannot make the situarion better, we wind up on the lawsuit list. I don't think they are relating us to God, they're just looking for anything to get them through.
Yes I can relate to this. but what do you do when you can no longer be a firefighter do to CHF and COPD. I am fighting this daily was in the hospital last week Dr. said it is getting worse. How do you stay in the brotherhood when you can no longer fight fires.
Hi Kendra I dont really know how that question got turned like that but my personal opinion is that desperation is a weird thing. When you are at that moment in your life you will turn to anyone for help. I know I've been on both sides of the fence. And the image portrade of FF & EMS personel these days is that when you are in need of help we will be there like some sort of superhero, do I consider myself to be one (GET REAL) not by a long shot. But yes it is something that is strange to people who do this for the rite reasons. Remember its not a job its a passion!
Hey Mike, You and I are the only people on our department that has ever said we do this because we care about people. Maybe some of the new guys might feel this way.
You know, People that are in a situation where they could be killed always ask GOD for help, It does not matter what religion you are, Or even an Athiest, We all ask for God even in the moment of crises. Which makes me wonder why did they take God out of schools and government ? Anyway, I am glad God gave me the knowledge to help people.
As anyone in this job long enough knows, its God's choice whether people live or die. The best we can do is organize the chaos. The trauma, psychological, physical....stops when I get there. My years of experience and relentless training allows me to functon on autopilot in the worst situations. Somedays I make a difference, some days I can't. But its always out of my hands. It took me a long time to come to peace with that. I think that thinking your "in control" can tear you up when things go bad. My patient's care ALWAYS comes first.....I always give them my best effort, 110% and somedays that's just not enough.

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