my chief want me to take fire fighter on in feburary and do everything but live burns and then go back wen i turn 18 to do the live burns im really nervous im not sure wat im gonna doo give me ur thoughts...

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well, comin from a former Junior Firefighter,it was hard 4 me 2 get my FF1 without doin the live burns...i went to them anyway and helped with rehab and SCBA bottle exchange...that was a great way 4 me 2 learn how everything on the fireground comes 2gether and how it really does take extreme teamworking skills to be a firefighter. i am now working for a combination dept and am cert. as FF/ took me a while 2 do it, but i just kept doing the trainings and worked my way thru all the courses...i want 2 wish u luck and u can send me a messege if u want 2 know nething else....
Well, im sure that your cheif has his reasons for wanting you to take the class. Its a great class to take, just remember that chances are you will have to take the class over again the next time before you do your live burns. If it was me taking the class, i would probaly go in for scene support first, then you will get credit for completing the class, still take away alot the knowlodge, and not take up the space in the class for someone who will finish out the whole thing.
I am a junior firefighter myself im currently 17 i started going to traning since i was fifteen glad i know there is more junor firefighter (or was in the past) that stuck in with it until they became full fledged I love it so much i just can't wait till im 18 so i can put in my hours. I also have trouble taking ff1 because of the junor thing but do many things on the scene still like throwng hoses running the pumper switchng air bottles and safety coordinator I also make sure that no bystanders get to close. So sometmes it gets very frustraiting but im hangin in there.
Taking firefighter one is all well and good, but you can't participate in the practicals, nor take the test until you are 18 years old. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge to be learned, and if you have the option of sitting in and listening I highly suggest you do it. Since you don't take the test and don't do practicals, don't be nervous, but rather open up and allow yourself the opportunity to learn.
The chief may want you to do this so that when you turn 18 and become a regular firefighter, you will have the knowledge and skills in place to "hit the ground running" and be a better asset to the department.

Like the others have said there are plenty of fireground tasks to do aside from interior attack. Laddering, outside ventilation, hose line advancement are all things that need to be done. Pump operation would be HUGE if you can have the time and guidance to master it by age 18. These are all things that can't be taught on the fireground when the clock is ticking. So by having this knowledge in place up front you will be much better prepared.

Maybe there's a way to take the classroom part and make up the practical evolutions another time?
i think you can do. i am 26 yrs old i have been doing firefighting since i was 16 , i started in a volunteer/career department as a volunteer, when i turned 17 the chief gave me a pager and gear to fight fire with. it was everthing i could do go out and fight fire, the only thing i couldn't do is go in on structure fires or participate in live fire training, i could go and help and do rehab but that was it, when i turned 18 i told i could start participating and going in. that was the best thing i ever heard that was dream, little did i know that the god lord had something else better for cause right before i turned i turned 21 in 2001 i was asked to become a career firefighter to be hired on, i then became ceritifed in 2001 in haz-mat awarness, then in 2002 i became firefigter 1, that job last for 5 1/2 yrs until sept. 2006 i left that department and went to another fire department in oct. 2006 and i am still here, as a career i still do go out and volunteer fire fight when i am off. and i love it and would not trade it for the world just about. my suggestion is to if this what you want to do in life then go with the chief and get ceritified do all the requirements cause you can always look at what i was told, and i quote "go ahead and become state certified firefighter 1 cause you can use any where in the state the will reconize it and will help get a job more sooner it will show the employer that you know something." so go with ur heart and ur right choice. i am sure if you will make a firefighter cause the way it sounds the chief has faith in you
I waited until I was 18 to do the fire academy near me .... I was going to do part of it before && then do my burns after but I just decided to do it all together && also get your FF2 ... you might as well && it just looks better rather than having your FF1 .... && if there's an academy near you you should do that if you can ... any Q's just ask me I'll be more than happy to tell you all about the class n' all! :-D
Hey anything new can be a little intimadating.....but it is a great class and you can walk away with many new skills and actually be an asset on the fire scene with them.....The fire service is filled with challenges and this is just the first for you.....I say go for it with enthusiasm and thank the Chief for his faith in you.....Stay safe an dalways remember to keep the faith..........Paul
Thanks everybody for the encouragement it means alot to me please look at our website and send me a pm about wht u think i could do better on t please
we have junior firefighters on our department and we encourage them to take the classes as juniors then all they need to do is take the practicles when they turn 18. If you enjoy being on the department I would encourage you to get as far as you can while being a junior this way you will be one step ahead when you turn 18. I would guess your chief has faith in what you do and would like to see you get more involved that is why he wants you to take the training now. The only thing I believe our juniors couldn't do was the live burn but when they turned 18 they could go to one and were all ready. I would also suggest taking driver/operator this way until you are 18 you could help with the pump.
you dont have to be 18 to do the live burns least where i live. im in 11th grade and taking my ff1 through a college credit class at my high school and will be joining my fire dept. i hope next week. i have just gotten out of knee surgery as well. so i know there is alot of information to be learnt from the class and it all helps you'll see.
wuts up im taken ff1 in february to and i was told by some of my friends who just did the class said if your not ready dont rush into it. its hard and make sure you read the book

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