I'm doing a paper for my BS in Fire Science and I need some input for a paper. I have my own feelings, but I'd like to hear from others. I think 24's are the best option, regardless of the rotation!

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I would tend to think that the 24's are better for firefighters. With working 24 hour shifts, it affords them the opportunity to work side jobs (further enhansing their family's income) and also allowing the firefighters more time with their family. If I could work 40 hours straight and get the rest of the week off I would in a heartbeat.
Thanks, I've always had a part-time gig too. Do you think the breaking up of the work shift would have a negative or positive impact on the day to day operation of the fire agency?
Well Nick I personaly have worked both shifts (mine were 10hr days), personaly the 24 is a whole lot better shift. As EC913 said we can work side jobs (and alot of us do), it also gives us more free time to do stuff, ie appointments, time with kids, vacation. I can take off one day and be off for 6 days straight, or just go for a short trip on my 4 day break. So the 24hr shift has its advantages.

Hope that helps you out some.
The cost of employee travel never occured to me. I had heard of the training issues when Kansas City had their schedule woe's. Also, thanks for the insight about the sick time issues.
I'm terribly sorry for this folks, but my web connection seems to be dropping out. I've had to reload the reply page 4 times to get this out. I'll be back ASAP to read and absorb your input. Thanks to all. Bye for now.
Nick Harper
As with most of us here, I am all for the 24 hour version. We have been this way since the city did away with the old two platoon, 12 hour day 7 days a week system long, long ago. We have a 54 hour week, which is the 3 day system with one between and then 4 days off. Also, if the city wanted the same number of staff for 24 hours on an 8 hour day basis, they would need a lot more personnel to make it work.
We work a 21 day cycle that goes like this:

The cycle always starts on tues and ends on wed.

Tues off thurs off sat off mon. off 3 days fri off sun off 2 days wed off 5 days.

I love this schedual becuase of the 3 and 5 day break. If I wanna take a vacation I take wed off and I get 8days off. This gives me time to coach little league, take training classes, etc. The only down side is that long stretch and being ata busy house by monday you are ready for the 3 day.
right now we work a 2 on 2 off with ten hour days and fourteen hour nights but we are aloud eighteen swaps a yr so we can do twenty fours. i was out for the summer for surgery and still have almost all my swaps left so for the last week and half i have set up my schedule for twenty four on seventy two off and i love it im a little tired the next day but i got time off to recover. our next contract we are trying to go to twenty fours and in our small department it can save them alot of money in less sick time and so on.
Thanks to all you guys for spending the time to reply. It looks like we're all on the same page or are trying to get to the same page. I've worked the 24 huor shift for the last 32 years and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Hi Nick, I would have to say the 24 hour shift is the better option. As previously stated, it affords part time work, allows for better sleep rotation (at least on the 48 off). I worked 911 dispatch and had a 3 day 12 hour shift, then 3 off, then 4 12 hour nights and 3 off, made for horrendous sleep habits, which can lead to being sick. Just some thoughts.

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