Hey! Did you ever notice the plethera of "opoly" games? There's one for almost everything, exept the Fire Service. Let's get some ideas flowing and see if we can come up with something.

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There are like..what..4 peices in manopoly? i think? im not sure..i dont play often..the peices tho should be as fallows:

Fire Axe
Flatnose Truck

I have often wondered the same thing. I think I will contact Hasbro and suggest it!!
In case anyone wants to do the same.

Or we could design one ourselves here on FFN and market it. Why give Hasbro a free idea to make more money for them?
Good point Brian! :o)
Because they own the trademark and you'd get shutdown just like Scrabulous did on Facebook :)
Couldnt you patent a design for it though? like a patent for the pieces and board design such as artwork and such?
Not true. If we marketed it as "Fire Monopoly" we would be infringing on their trademark. "Fire-Opoly" does not infringe as long as nothing is exactly the same. You cannot use the word "Monopoly", and the rules cannot be copied verbatim from a Hasbro copyrighted work.

For example, the "Community Chest" & "Chance" cards could be changed to, "In-Quarters" & "On the Scene", etc.
I suppose once we had a concept and design thought out, we could copyright it.
Instead of houses and motels to buy, you would build fire stations and headquarters.
Nice idea!

How about if the "properties" were named after someof the F.D's represented here on FFN, with a picture of their patch on the front!
And if you want to penalize another player you could buy a burnt out house to place on their property and they would have to pay to get rid of it. And if they don’t get rid of it before someone lands on that property the owner of the property has to pay a fine to the person who landed there and the person who put the burnt out house there in the first place.


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