We have an annual fire drill at our home and it always got to me how hard it is to hear the smoke detector that is in the basement when you are on the 2nd floor. Well this got me to thinking and then searching the web and I found several battery operated as well as AC smoke and smoke/CO detectors that are linked by radio so if one goes off they all go off. My question is does anyone here own one or had any experience with one good or bad? If you own one what are your likes and dislikes?

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I have seen them, they work well. The one's I saw were battery operated. They are a retrofit to an older home. Newer homes or major remodels in my district are required to have AC powered ones tied together via hardwire. So the battery/radio linked models give you the option to upgrade your fire protection without the big cost of hiring an electrician...

Smoke / CO detector.
The wireless detectors do work. The issue for these detectors is that they still work and don't show up as "in trouble" like a regular system when taken off the wall or ceiling they are fastened to. If put in a drawer because it goes off for cooking, rest assured you will know if there is smoke in that drawer before you get a chance to rehang it.
I prefer hard wired and interconnected smoke detectors and CO detectors. In this scenerio they have power as a constant and the battery is merely a backup which rely's much less on laziness to change the battery. If you are retro-fitting, go wireless.
Thanks all
I've been reading more on these and I'm thinking they are the way to go. I currently have the battery operated so rather than wiring I'll just replace with battery operated. The only down fall I can find is the notorious false alarm. Like Engineco913 said you’re boiling a pot of water well now the whole house is yelling at you not just the one in the hall.
I heard about these. I've been meaning to get some as I live in a 3 story townhouse, and it's impossible to hear the detector in the basement! I wonder if Home Depot sells them. If they do, I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Stay safe people!

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