Just wanted to get some honest feed back about how men feel about having women serve as FF. Please be very honest! The reason for this is:
1. I have witnessed society feels women can't do this job- we are to fragile , etc.
2. People think women that work around a bunch of men must be easy or having relations with at least one of the them
3. Sexual harrassment issues arise more often
4. Some men have trouble taking orders from a woman (or vice versa)
These are just a few of the things I have seen or heard about.. Please share y you feel this way

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I don't have a problem with women in the fire service.
My wife and I joined our volly service together... train together... run calls together... I would trust her or any of the other women on the dept to pull my a** out if I got into trouble and I would do the same for them.
I am proud as hell of her!

When we are on calls, we are firefighters. Not husband and wife, not man and woman... we are firefighters. Period.

A far as the harassment issue goes, there has not been a problem in my department. The women are not single and neither are any of the men (at this time) - which I think helps a little.
The men watch their mouths (sorta) and when comments are made, the women are equally crude and join in.
The men seem to be more sensitive then the women... once in a rare while a guy will let someone know they are about to cross the line by saying "wow, glad we had that harassment training eh?" and the guy gets the message... so far the women have let them off the hook with a retort that was worse than his comment or they will say "pfft... oh please, if THAT bothered me I wouldn't be here" or something to that effect and all have a good laugh.

We are lucky that we are a tight group that is not UP-tight.
It's kinda the way the world is SUPPOSED to be like... equality in all senses and nobody too fragile.

If that makes any sense.

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