Just wanted to get some honest feed back about how men feel about having women serve as FF. Please be very honest! The reason for this is:
1. I have witnessed society feels women can't do this job- we are to fragile , etc.
2. People think women that work around a bunch of men must be easy or having relations with at least one of the them
3. Sexual harrassment issues arise more often
4. Some men have trouble taking orders from a woman (or vice versa)
These are just a few of the things I have seen or heard about.. Please share y you feel this way

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Can we just let this fall behind us ~!
Ok This will be my last comment of the day for your discussion Jacob. The reason I am so upset is simple. You apparently have grown up in a household where a womans role is pregnant barefoot and in the kitchen. Today, that is no longer the option, or an issue. Women play a vital role across the GLOBE as Firefighters, Police Officers, and Military Personnel. They deserve respect for not only being able to do the job, but their willingness to do the job. They like us men are willing to put their lives on the line for the cause we fight. They deserve not only respect from their peers (aka us) but they have earned it.
I can't understand why (if your post earlier was correct) why your father who is the chief of detectives is so Primevil, but you should consider the option of having a differing view than he does. You need to not only accept that females carry their weight in the fire service, but understand that if your life is on the line your not going to care if your rescuer is male or female.
I understand that and I agree I just was carring (someone wil peobably take offense ) but fo their safety that's all
You do realize that men can die just as easily don't you? do you not care for all people? Ugh suckered me into another response
Yea people can be nasty, but if ur going to put out there what u think or how u feel then u should be ready to face what someone has to say! Yea women are special! But so are men! I put my life on the line everytime I go to a fire or to wreck, or a search and rescue, I will stand toe toe with any guy any day on any scene! And you damn well better be able to keep up with me! I want go into a pissing contest I guess because I don't have to! Any FF or instructor I have ever met knows me, I do agree that there are some women that can't do the job, but it shouldn't be held angainst all or anyone of us that can! Just because we are female!
Especially since there are some men who have that same capacity. The useless ones who lean on truck bumpers and watch whats going on instead of doing something.
I agree! And that I have seen come from both male and female...
Hey Engine Co913 said it doesn't matter who does the work and that made me think and reconcider and I agree . I talked to my dad and he said I missunderstood him .Women Police Officers and Firefighter's are just as much of heroes as men.Sorry if I offended anyone . I guess because the girls in my class at school can't lift and stuff I got the wrong impression. I see all your points though. Again I'm sorry .
Nice of you to reconsider! Watch a woman FF and form your OWN opinion not someone elses!
Jacob, welcome to FFN! Now you know why you have to wear PPE at all times!
In all honesty, stick with landscaping and mowing.
There is a lady somewhere that is going to get the job; you know...the one you wanted?
Your attitude went out in the 70s; some 20 years before you were even born.
Good luck. Maybe you could get on the Bedrock Fire Department with the other cave men.
And I will put the punctuation on this discussion:
Sir Jacob. It's not about gender; it's about doing the job.
If a donkey can hold the nozzle and advance a hose line, I'd put 'em on my fire department.
So long as he doesn't make an ass of himself or the rest of us!
Thank you. Thank you.
I got it goin' tonight.

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