Just wanted to get some honest feed back about how men feel about having women serve as FF. Please be very honest! The reason for this is:
1. I have witnessed society feels women can't do this job- we are to fragile , etc.
2. People think women that work around a bunch of men must be easy or having relations with at least one of the them
3. Sexual harrassment issues arise more often
4. Some men have trouble taking orders from a woman (or vice versa)
These are just a few of the things I have seen or heard about.. Please share y you feel this way

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I have to say that I am glad to see this question everytime it pops up somewhere. lol. I have a two-sided opinion being a woman that was in the fire sevice. I agree that women should only be in the fire service if they can do the job. This includes if needed, pull her fellow 250 lbs brother out of a building. This would also mean she she needs the character about her self that she can be apart of something that is in no doubt a "Mans Job" this means that on a day to day basis dealing with male bantoring with out being offended, being able to sleep in a bunkroom with out your delecate sensabilities getting offended ect. Things on a "Mans Job" should not have to change because woman want to do it. I have seen this ruin comradery on shifts and make things very uncomfortable for others including other women firefighters who are willing to take the job as it comes with ALL that is intailed. If being a firefighter is something a woman wants to do she should make sure that she can handle ALL that comes with it. This means not changing long standing traditions or disrupting a house because you want special considerations for your sex.

Sexual Harassment I think to a point is in the eye of the beholder and if women cant handle a little ribbing and cant give it back in turn, they dont need to be there. If there is a serious issue such as your job on the line or threats to if you dont do something for something, that is sexual harrassment. Bantor is just that, bantor.

As for the sexual aspect, unfortunaly there are some women that give the rest of us bad names. But as long as you prove to your brothers that you are not that girl and earn their respect, it goes a long way for you. Men know the difference and its not a concern if they know that girls not you.

I know that this was directed to male firefighters but I really wanted to put my opinion in as a female that was affected by this situation.

Stay Safe!
You wish alcohol is still in some firehouses . Some of the ones i have seen have a limit but it is still there .
Rock on. Thanks for being the guy who said it fairly. It's unfortunate that in this environment men & women can't be professionals at work and clean up their act. It's a shame people don't put the effort in to stay fit. And lastly, as a woman, I knew going into this job that I was an outsider and would have to put up with men being men. I'm not saying there aren't times when things go too far, but there are also times when things can get blown out of proportion. Ok, I'll shut up. later
Hello Madfiregirl:

My name is Mike Orbell a fire fighter with the Inuvik NWT fire department and of 27 fire fighters at least 12 of them are women. And I wouldn't put is past any one of them to out do me on the fire ground. We should all be treated equally as a group of people fighting fire.
I personally do not have a problem with women in the fire service. I do know people that have a problem with women in certain roles in the fire service. I feel that if the woman can go through the same training that the men can then the women should be allowed to do the same things that the men do. To be brutally honest though, I would think that a 240 pound man would be a little more efficient for dragging/lifting stuff, people, etc. than a 105 pound girl. On the other hand, I know a couple of light, yet still in really good shape girls, that I would be perfectly comfortable with being the S&R team pulling me out of a building. As far as taking orders from a woman, if she can do the job better than me, than she deserves the position and can tell me what to do. Sex doesn't matter when it comes to leadership, abilities and performance do. I don't care if you're male or female, if you can't do the job, you shouldn't be in the leadership position. I think that women would have more trouble with other women when it comes to thinking that they are easy for wanting to work around a bunch of men. I guess as far as the sexual harassment thing goes, it all depends on the type of woman you are and the type of guys you will be working with. There should be a level of professionalism there, but guys sometimes say dumb things, or things are taken the wrong way, etc. What I have heard about causing more sexual harassment complaints than anything is when a man and a woman, in the same department, or neighboring departments, become involved with each other and then break it off. This happens, and I've heard a few stories of the woman turning around and complaining about sexual harassment, just to get back at him. I am not saying that the opposite doesn't happen, I have only heard of it happening to the guys. Now, with all of that said, that is simply my take on some of the questions. I hope it sheds one man's point of view.
I could not believe anyone in my area, especially my department, could make a case against women in the fire service with the poor physical condition of many of the men.
personaly i think it is a very good thing that women are in the firefighting field in my book. The more the better the help it always needed.
Sorry...no comment from me on this one....too smart for that one.....LOL...Just wanted to see who the "brave" souls are.....Good luck...........Paul
Sing along with me -

"This is the song that doesn't end...
Yes it goes on and on my friend..."
I think that you think that... wait... what?
I think you're right.
Well personnslly I feel that women can do the job. I am a female firefighter/EMT-B/Safety Officer/Hazmat Tech. I have been on the department for 30 years. The women have to take the same training as the men so if that dont weed them out then nothing will. I also have a daughter that is a Firefighter/EMT-B/Lt/Hazmat Tech. And I would have her back me or I would back her up long before I would some guys that I know. And people are going to talk no matter what you do so you just have to have broad shoulders and let it roll off. Most of our department is men but the women just let them run there mouths. On my department the Sexual harrassment isn't an issue because most of us are related in some way. If a man doesn't want to listen to me I just take it to the Chief and let him deal with them. I know some women that are more manly than some men I know. I just done a physical agility test and I pulled a dummy that weighed 160 pound and I weigh 127. I climbed an extended arial ladder and pulled up a section of hose and then climbed back down and then I had to change my air bottle and slide a weight sled with a sledge hammer. When a younger gentle man couldn't finish it.

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