Help! We are trying to put on Hands on training classes for the 2008 Fireman's Convention. As of Monday August 25th we only have four students singed up for the Self-rescue & Survival class and none for the Mayday class. I need your help in getting people to sign up for each class by Monday of next week. If we can't get enough people we will have to cancel the Training.

Let's get the word out and make this a great event... Thanks for all your help... any question call Greg W. Collier 609-743-3630 or
Dan Speigel 609-780-5257
2 One-Day Training Programs
to be held in September at the Wildwoods

National Fire Academy
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Location: Erma Fire Station
415 Breakwater Rd.
Lower Township, NJ
Do firefighters know when to call it? “The Mayday”
These must be the most freightening three words that can be heard over the fire ground radio. Everyone who hears the call knows that what was a public emergency, which we the fire department came to solve, has now become an emergency for us. Something has gone wrong and one of our own needs help.
Every fire department in the country has detailed SOPs explaining who on the fire ground will do what, when a firefighter calls MAYDAY. The RIT is activated, radio channels are changed, additional chiefs and units are dispatched. We have all trained extensively on these procedures. We have developed special techniques on how to get downed firefighters out of tight spaces or up through holes. And we carry a RIT bag on the apparatus.
All this is important, but it is the easy part of the process. We have almost completely ignored the most important first step, getting the firefighter to recognize they are in trouble and need to get help, to call MAYDAY.
What mayday decision parameters have we given firefighters? How do we teach the cognitive and affective mayday decision-making process? How do we teach the psychomotor skill to execute the decision?
We have not answered these questions satisfactorily. Our standards and training are woefully lacking for this critical firefighter personal life saving competency.
The Mayday Doctrine theory is based on an analysis of the engineering, psychology, physiology, and training aspects of a firefighter calling a Mayday. This analysis used jet fighter pilot ejection doctrine models as the foundation (benchmark) for developing firefighter Mayday Doctrine.
This class will be of interest to all fire service levels, from firefighter to command officer, who enter an Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) environment and are faced with calling a Mayday.
Students participating in the class will review the following with Dr. Clark:
1. Define Mayday
2. Identify the reasons for failure or delay to call Mayday
3. Identify the Mayday decision-making parameters
4. Identify the process for calling a Mayday
5. Identify Mayday training and drill needs/methods for the fire service
They will also participate in the hands on section using props to simulate at least four possible situational environments:
1. falling through a floor,
2. simulating a ceiling collapse,
3. becoming locked or trapped in a room or area, and
4. being snagged or trapped and not being able to exit.

Firefighting is a high-hazard job, and the work is at times extremely physically demanding. It involves heavy lifting and maneuvering in sometimes awkward and unstable positions while wearing heavy clothing and protective gear in a hot environment.
Upon completion, participants will be expected to train additional firefighters in these basic concepts. They will see how easy the props are built and simulated. This is the most critical and first step in saving yourself and others.
Students will be required to bring full Personal Protective Equipment, including SCBA. Portable radios will be provided.
Registration will be prioritized to County academies, local Fire academies, fire departments and others eligible organizations.
This Training will be held Wednesday September 10, 2008 at the Erma Fire Station, 415 Breakwater Rd. , Lower Township , NJ 08204 ( Cape May County ).

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Location: An Acquired Training Structure
TBA, in the Wildwood Area
Knowing how to save yourself in the event of a fireground emergency is a must for every firefighter.
This class offering will educate the student on how to safely manage common fire ground emergencies that can be presented any given day on any given incident. Prior to firefighters learning how to save others, they must know how to themselves first from the dangers they may encounter.
Students will take part in (4) skills stations through the out the day to establish the fundamental self-rescue techniques necessary to safely mitigate fire ground emergencies. These stations include:
1. Situational Awareness
2. Firefighter Dis-Entanglement
3. SCBA Confidence
4. Window Bail-Out Procedures
This program is being instructed by the Camden County Fire Academy Safety & Survival Instructors who are a group of highly motivated, experienced, and knowledgeable fire service instructors dedicated to training brother/sister firefighters to stay alive!
Students will be required to bring full Personal Protective Equipment, including SCBA. Lunch will be provided.

This Training will be held Thursday, September 11, 2008 at an acquired training structure.
This event will be managed in accordance with the Incident Management System.
Registration through the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety will be required prior to the event.
will be on Tuesday evening (Mayday Participants) & Wednesday evening (Firefighter Self-Rescue & Survival Participants) at the Pine Avenue firehouse 111 E. Pine in Wildwood , NJ 08260 between 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.
The Mayday exercise will be Wednesday morning at the Erma Fire Station, 415 Breakwater Rd. , Lower Township , NJ 08204 . Participants will report to a staging area for deployment, transportation will be provided to and from the site.
The Firefighter Self-Rescue & Survival exercise will be Thursday morning and at a site to be determined prior to the event. Participants will report to the staging area for deployment, transportation will be provided to and from the site.
Staging Area
Participants will report to the staging area at New Jersey Ave. & Montgomery Ave. (City Hall Parking Lot), at 0700 for deployment, transportation will be provided to and from the site. A bag breakfast will be provided at the deployment area.
Both operational periods (training events) will begin promptly at 7:00 a.m. at the staging area.
A bag lunch will be provided at mid-day during the Operational period (training event), de-mob and training check out will be prior to 5:30 p.m.

Greg Collier
Battalion Chief
Mount Laurel Fire Department
Mount Laurel , New Jersey

Daniel F. Speigel
City of Wildwood Fire Department
Wildwood, New Jersey

Deployment Conditions Conditions will be rough and participants must provide their own supplies.
1. Participants may make their own sleeping arrangements, or
2. There will be base camp including: sleeping area (floor), shower & toilet facilities. The base camp is limited to participants only, and will open at 1830 Tuesday evening and close at 0700 on Thursday morning.
• Participants must keep all personal items in their possession, storage is not available.
• Breakfast (bag) and Lunch (bag) will be provided during each operational period. Transportation will be provided to and from each drill site.
• All other accommodations will be the responsibility of each participant and at their own expense.
3. Note: Both drills are physically demanding and the base camp conditions are minimal.
Both events are intended to prepare firefighters to learn life saving skills.
4. The deployment portion is intended to prepare firefighters for realistic deployment conditions.
• Participants will sleep on the floor and must bring their own provisions.
• Smoking, tobacco products, and alcohol are prohibited at Base Camp facilities and Drill sites.
• Participants should limit alcohol consumption 10 hours prior to operational periods.
Instructors reserve the ability to limit student activities based on the instructors professional and subjective judgment.


Greg Collier, New Jersey Advocate
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Everyone Goes Home Program
Cell 609-743-3630
Battalion Fire Chief
Mount Laurel Fire Department

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