I was recently driving through a town in Virginia when the towns fire siren went off and I thought, wow, thats a sound from the past.
Or is it?
How many of you Vollies still have sirens calling you to the station?
We don't have sirens in our area, alpha numeric pagers only, I for one would love to have the re introduction of a siren during daylight hours as I believe it would alert the rest of the area that their fire fighters will be driving to the station and are in action.
Now we are usually unseen, unknown and unapreciated. A lot of the inhabitants do not even know our department are volunteers.
What do you think, should the sirens still be used?

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We still have a town siren in Superior, MT. The radios and pagers are nice to have and we use those too, but it is the siren that i think most of us actually respond to. It also helps the citizens to know that something is going on and to proceed with caution if they are on the roads.
My former station had a siren until somebody complained then we were issued pagers, but only ten of us actually received them. Of course we had to rely on our communications people to activate them when we had a call and sometimes they either forgot or just didn't care.

Since I have transferred, I believe my current station did not have one and only issue pagers to those who live close by.

I wish we still had sirens I think they would come in handy during a tornado warning.
we use minitors only for firefighters. the siren is used for severe weather only
We here in Cadiz, Ohio we still use the siren and we also have pagers as well
During anytime of the day the siren helps alert people driving around our town that there is a fire and they usually will move for us if they see us.
when i was growing up my father was a firefighter in waterford NY, they had both a siren and a pager the siren went off everyday at noon and for fire or mva calls i though it was great to have .
Our siren took a crap like a year ago. When sounded, it would make 5 revolutions and shut off, but the last few it didnt stop. It would go on and on for like 20 to 30 minutes till someone would pull the fuse. Of course this was all early in the morning calls...LOL. We also noticed that we no longer have a parade of rubberneckers following us anymore since the siren got shut down, which is really nice. It was never set up for tornado warning, so Im in the process of trying to find out who is actually responsible for paying to get a new siren especially for tornado. I think the County Emerg. Gov, they think the town, and the town thinks the Fire Dept is. It will be interesting.
Almost any place I have ever lived in New York has had a siren that goes off for all calls day or night, and to announce noon time. Also all members have minitor pagers, and some members get text messages via cell phones. The siren is a great fall back, their have been a few times when the cell phone message was delayed and radio reception for the pager was too bad, and what actually got my attention is the siren.
Yep, we still have one. Along with our pagers the siren is activated for every incident. We have ours on a timer, it only makes 3 up and down cycles then it shuts down. The idea is not really to summon the firefighters but to alert people who are out and about in the "business district" to be on the look out for firefighters and fire apparatus.
We have a siren that has ten sounds to it.. Out of town,in town,in another county. The we change them up.. Gouveneur system is very cool there's will blow so many numbers then another set . to tell you what street the fire is on.. 2-2 out of town.. 1-2 de pot street and so on.. So in town driving you just listen to the siren and it will tell you what street the fire is on..
we still have one i set it off for tornado warnings and for meetings sometimes too
How many streets do you have? More than around ten and I think you'd be spending all your time trying to work out a number and what street it matched! Maybe I'm spoilt by having an alpha-numeric pager that tells me what the call is, what the address is (with nearest intersection) and who our support are. Much easier.

Yes we have a siren. We test run it every Sunday at noon. We could use it if the pager system went down I suppose.
Gouveneur is a large town. the sire will blow nine then stop then blow nine again which mean the hospital.. just have to get use to the siren.. the fire dept gives you a listing of streets and siren blows... Look up Gouvenueur Ny large town... cool system..

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