How more things are the suits with no heat in there lives going to force down on us? They want the best but tie our hands giving it to them. Everyone gets this notices, this law and that law we want more tags, more training, more rules.....BUT please dont do live burns the EPA hates it or Please dont put water down into the ground water. I feel bad for all these new kids because they get all their Exp. from a call and not training. How can we train them on what Fire Ops. is like if we can't burn???? Should the first time they feel heat is the first time through the door watching my ass?

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I agree that we need more live burns and training. When I started out in the Fire Service, we got alot of our training through live burns and at the local fire schools burn bldgs. A new fire fighters first exposer to a "HOT" scene should not be while watching someones back. I know that I wouldn't want that person behind me going through a door. and what we learn in fire school is just the start of being a great firefighter, to be a good firefighter, we need the experiance of the real "monster" itself.
without live burns there will be more fatalities. i have been a firefighter for 6 years and i have seen and been thru alot and its my training that has helped me everytime. without live burns the probies wont develop any skills and that puts the entire crew at risk. i dont want to have to go in for trapped occupants and have to pull out my partner as wellcause he cant take the heat.
Im a jr, and i cant wait til i can do a live burn in july. There are so many rules that the instructors have to fallow it is nuts, the epa and all those other places have so many rules its ridiculous. Allegheny county is rough on those rules, the house can be near this and that, and the house cant have certain stuff in it, you have to tear out anything plastic, you gotta take out the shingles. I saw a news segment it was at a college down in beaver county, they were burning it down, a road was right there, nothing was torn off, there were places right next door it must be nice to not have that many strict rules. I helped prepare a house to do a live burn in that a few guys from my company took, when they told us what all needed to be done to it, i was thinking holy hell all this to burn in it, while a few years ago no one would of cared. But i guess everything needs to be environmentally safe, you dont want any protesters to come after you.
there trying to make soming complicated that is not that to complicated to much complicated
I live in Beaver County...we have 3 colleges..and there was no burn at any of them because all 3 are in my municipality
allegheny county does suck when it comes to burns. ive run in both westmorland and allegheny and i have to say westmoreland is the most leanient
lol which station do you run with
Just a thought, if the law makers would have to make their homes as evirmental safe if they catch fire as they require a live building maybe they might change their mind. I personnally think a live burn should be as real as possible, with ALL material in it that you would find in a real one. Certain materials burn certain ways and the chemical breakdown and reactions with other materials can't be duplicated with "evirmantal safe" ones...How do you show someone who has never seen it , a old carpeting reaching it's flash point or a old vyinal (excuse the spelling) chair melt., show how shingle can hold smoke back from showing or how it can push it through the eves.. well just a thought
No new firefighters especially in this day and age should be exposed to a real life or deathn situation without first having some sort of a controlled structural burn class.Whether it be in a training building or what,you do not know how people wil react until they are in a similar situation.In my opinion it is not safe.If you look at some of the big city departments,for instance New York city.They have live burn buildings of their own to use,and you dont graduate from their academy unless you can get through it.Every firefighter new and veteran should train in them.
I agree . This year we are hosting a ff1 class and part is a live burn, I haven't heard how Gene plans to do it. I know last year, he held a live burn down in Marshall's creek area at an old hotel ( some thing large like that) , I know he memtioned they had to prep it before burning it, I know diffent areas with in the state seem to have tuffer regs. on live burns.


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