Ok I thought fire trucks were red! I knew some were yellow/green but, now I've seen a blue one. Are there any other colors out there that I still don't know about? The pictures that I've gotten so far are amazing and there is alot of arguements going on about which color is better. Any one want to figure out which one is more popular? LOL

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I know the trucks at the Jack Daniels distillery in Kentucky are all black but I don't have a pic. Ft. Worth, Tx trucks are white with a blue stripe.
I wish I had pics but I seen black white red green even one I know thats purple look around google away.
ours are white with a yellow stripe down the middle. but i know a station near us has a purple truck
Hi, I work for two departments, one department has lime green trucks and the other has red, also in north carolina I have seen pumpkin orange, carolina blue, white, and red and green on the same truck, yes red over green.
Our trucks are white with gold and green stripes down the sides.
Auburn, Alabama has fire trucks that are the school colors for Auburn University, blue & orange.
It doesnot matter what cities or companies paint their trucks. All FIRE trucks are red..... The fire service is about tradition and red was expencive in the old days and to show their pride the spent the money for red paint. This will get some people going but all FIRE trucks are RED!
I have seen White ones, Blue ones, Lime Green, a different green, Yellow and red. Oh Yea, OD green and Camouflage (Military). Hope this helps
My dept's engine is white with gold stripes and lettering. Our new engine also has a couple of murals on it depicting our old hall, with all our old apparatus in front of it... we had 2 red engines and our hose cart was initially red but was later painted white. Since then our 1950's Mack was white, our 1978 Mack was white, our old air unit was white, the current air unit is white, and our new engine is white as i said.

There are 5 depts in my town 3 of which have red apparatus now. Reliance has always had red i believe, as well as Eagle Hose. West Berwick has a yellow/slime green engine currently and their last engine was yellow as well. Rangers currently has a red engine, but they used to have tan and brown. And as I said my dept has had white since the 1950's.

Basically I think if the borough pays for your apparatus then you're stuck with red. However if you mainly self fund the apparatus with little help from the borough you're able to choose whatever color you want.

And Ron, as tradition goes you are right that they are red. But an individual company can have their own tradition and that can mean a different color. I'm not sure of the story behind the tan and brown, or the yellow... but the reason why my company has white apparatus and hopefully it will stay that way is this... White is a color of purity... we our the only dry company in the town. We have never had a liscence to serve alcohol. We can't even have alcohol on our property for events. From that we got the nickname (years ago) "The Buttermilk Gang." Most people will christen their new engines, boats, etc. with champange... We christen ours with buttermilk... and have a buttermilk toast. So... as tradition has it our engines, though they once were red, are now always white.
Two of our trucks are fluorescent red with iridescent white accents. When light hits them, they literally light up.
At night, there are no shadows around the truck like conventional red.
I'll see if I have a photo in my files. You have to see it to believe it.
Well, I found a picture that will give you a good comparison of fluorescent red vs. traditional red.
Here it is.
a company in my department had a purple truck

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