I dont know anything about this exploreer stuff. Where i come i'm a jr. Nothing makes me madder than being called that too. They always got me doing heavy work on scene but back at the station im jr again. I've run 2 foam packs off forestry lines before for brush fires. Once that stove needs moved its go to the engine and get Bill. I can do everything they can if the state would step aside. I bust my balls just like everyone else. Im a firefighter. NOT A DAMN JR!!!!!!!

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Thats what a junior is for. To help on a fire scene whether it be changing a pack stretching or repacking hose or flanking out a line. Firefighters may bust your balls but most firefighters have been in the position you were in before and its a stepping stone for alot of people and deep down most of the guys appreciate what you do.
sweetheart if your referring to me as being a firefighter and not a junior.
that is because I am the administrator of this group, I started this group.
And done my 2 years of being a junior.
So I am here to give advice and listen to anything yall have to say.
But I'm not going to listen to someone younger than me say something about me being a firefighter.
I think its wonderful you want to be one for whatever reason you may have because we need some youngins in the fire service that will listen to what it told and they do it the way it is supposed to be. Not what they think.

You can take this like a grain of salt or however you wish to take it .
But please watch what you say about me and other members that are apart of this group that are no longer juniors.

At my one dept that i never show up at unless its a big fire all the jrs do is get them drinks but when it comes to a call i know what i aloud to do so i get off and do what im aloud cause my cheif doesnt really know what im aloud to and my other station we bend the rules alot for the jrs.
I agree, my dad has been a FF for 30+ years. Was a JUNIOR when he started. I have been around the fd my whole life, before i was even a member, i was packing hose, cleaning the trucks, helping after fires. I love doing that stuff, helping out the men and women who just risked their lives to save someone's property who they dont even know. It made me pround to help them. Im pround to call myself a JUNIOR FIREFIGHTER!!! and always will admit that i was once a junior and was there in to help.


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