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Dumbest thing said at a fire? ok the pic on my page titled Chad was that call. We get on scene and we have 2 Janvier and 1 Star Cross inside the building. Ladder Company arrives on scene and raises the ladder and says "Were goin to activate the ladder." We pull our guys out and the ladders just sitting there. They didnt have any water on the truck. Janvier's Cheif asked "You guys need water?" (heres the dumb part) they said "No thanks we got an engine coming we can hook up to". The fire was goin down with 3 guys inside the building and after 10 minutes of standing around, the engine arrived on scene and the house was already destroyed.
FF1:Where's Chuck?
FF2: Taking a shit.
FF1: Where?
FF2: In the building
FF1: Ummm its still on fire.
FF2: Yep

I never thought I would hear someone is using the bathroom in the burning Taxpayer lol. This has happened twice. Both times a naboring department walked in on him lol
From a Station Officer, at a house fire, late 60's "These stairs are a little charred but OK, Come on men, upstairs"
Following this he ran up the middle of the stairs,
Following that we extended two ladders either side of him and eased him out from the hole in the stairs that he had created.
Nothing hurt but pride, for several years after that the war cry of Come on men, up stairs could be heard during mess, (party), nights.
Responded to a mutual aid call a couple of days ago.Heard EMS called out on the way,arrive to find their Chief being loaded in the bus(downed by smoke inhalation)reminding his second in command to have everyone wear SCBA's.Imagine that!This all happened a week after this Dept.had a PPE refresher course(8 brand new scotts on the truck).Kinda made me scratch my head.
Got another 1 for you guys only this was at the station. A peice of light bracket fell off a clearance light and heres what happened while standing next to the gauges...
Me: Dude you broke our truck!
Sean: What happened?
Me: Jim broke this off of the flux capacitor! (pointing at the discharge valves)
Sean: Oh no! Which one?
after that there was no holding back the laughter, he had us all going for alittle bit because you never know when Seans serious or not.
"I couldn't wear my seatbelt on the way here cause I had to put my gear on!"
Okay here is mine and its kind of visual but, We are on the roof of a multi resd. structure and 2 ladder companies cutting trench vents on this flat roof when a see a guy who will remain nameless make a 6 foot cut step over his cut make another 6 foot cut and when he turned to the right to make the third cut I said to my partner no way is not dumb enough to cut a hole around himself then he was gone fell 10 feet to the floor below. I run over lower myself down his hole find him ok and I ask, Ok Wylie did you think the rest of the roof would fall around you because you used an Acme chain saw???
For years after he was asked on every call if he had caught that road runner.

but how many of you have been asked is it hot in there????? Lol...
Dumbest thing heard at a fire:
We had a house fire in a split level fire on the first level sent in a hose line to much fire guys backed out. Once they got out here is the converstaion that transpired.

IC: I thought you guys were dead!
1st in officer: Then why didn't you come get us ?
IC: I don't Know
we responded to the scene of a house fire in the middle of summer. The roof was on fire and the guy asked if there was a way to put the fire out without getting the inside of his house wet. We said sure....but you will be looking at a pile of ashes.
It wasnt at a fire or incident, but at a school while we were doing a junior education session with the Pre-primary kids on fire safety in the home (ages 4/5).

One kid asked " What happens if I am in a fire and all my skin gets burnt off and they put my bones in the FREEZER"

The captain had NO RESPONSE ...................... ROFLMAO
HAHA can you say deer in the headlights?
Asked at our food trailer during an fund-raising event:
Customer: Is there any way I can have the french fries without them being dipped into hot oil.
Us: No, that is how we cook the fries.

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