I was wondering what is everyones option on Junior Firefighters having pagers. Please let me know.

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when i started running juniors could have pagers and run blues but the pagers had to be personally bought.
i don't think it would be too bad. only if the explorers know their boundaries (spell). some explorers may be at the driving age which means they would want to drive faster so they could make the call. do you see what i mean. it would be ok if the were with someone else in the dept. but i don't thing an explorer should go over the speed limit. pagers wouldn't be that bad if we know our boundaries and guidelines.

chief of new prospect explrs.
Thanks for those comments they helped.
I think that perhaps some sort of explorer "probation" could be in effect before issuing pagers to these kids. I know that in the law enforcement explorer program I was in, we weren't allowed to have personal cuffs or red handles until we completed a year of quality service (which included maintaining good grades @ school). This kept us on our best behavior and we learned our role in the organization. I think giving pagers too soon could distract some explorers and in turn could lead to some bad choices, (ie speeding to calls, blowing off homework to go to calls just to sign the sheet).
I got a pager. There Ain't no problem either. Wackers come in all ages.
i dont see a problem w/ it aslong as all senior ff's had pagers. i had pagers when i was a jr. the old guys enjoyed have reports done and stuff when they got back on station
Our Department allows members to join at 16 as a RAM (Restricted Active Member). They are allowed to have pagers, but are not allowed to carry them to school. It is monitored by members who work at the school and the teachers. We usually give them the older Min II or III pagers.
our junior fire fighters are allowed to have pagers but are not allowed to use blue lights and are not allowed to take pagers to school. the school does not allow them to leave for alarms and if caught with pagers they are confiscated and they call us to come and get them. plus our juniors and new members are on probation for two years
We recently began issuing our older pagers to junior FFs just so they know what is going on and perhaps show up at a call if they are 16 or older. I think that having a pager is as important a retention tool as anything else.
well i think it a good thang and could be a bad thang well first if the juniors have pagers you can page them out when you station gets back from a fire to help clean up. i also think its a good idea cause as a junior i once was it helped me with what i can and can not do at a call and helped me become what i am today.

fire fighter
travis taylor

northampton fire rescue
well see our pagers are only set off to call the dept out to a call and if there is a death. and occasionally for dept meetings but some dont agree with that.
i think you should we give our junior firefighters pagers. Because if we have a run we want them to know about. they ride on our trucks with us and they help us with alot. And we think them all the time for it. so ya i think it would be good. And if they get a pager that will make them fill like they are wanted in the dept. but if you only have so many pagers and have left overs ya give them one. But if someone comes on that is over them they should give them up


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