Should volunteer fire departments be required to have the same amount of training hours as a full time department ?

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To throw it back at you, what would you/your dept. consider enough training. In my city, 3 shifts per station means guys only work 10 days a month. Not including O/T. Roughly 10 days a year in Vac/ Sick time roughly means 110 days a year worked. No training on sundays brings that # down even lower. If you figure 3 hrs per shift of training, thats about 270 hrs a year. I don't think a volly is going to be able to do that. But 4 hours a month, no excuse for not getting that.
A fire does not know if you are a volunteer or not. 2 hours would not even cover part of a single drill. If you add haz mat, mandated training, ems, rescue, fire control, and safety and survival you are way behind the curve on this. I would not want a firefighter showing up to my door for and incident that only had two hours of training a month.
They should but it is tough for a volunteer to take that much time off from their job as well as their family. I'm not saying that the training hours should be different but if there are ways to work out the number of hours, then by all means do so.

The training has changed so much since I first joined in 1992 but I still take other training courses to keep me current.
actually its not the fire academy requireing this training. The 24 hour training rule only applies to your act 833 funding, if all of the firefighters on your roster do not meet training hour requirements you can lose your funding this goes for everyone from the chief down to the lowest man on the todem pole
Remember, it's the quality of the training not the quantity. While having a large number of hours is great, lots of hours of crappy training= wasted time. I'd rather have a firefighter who received 24 hrs a month of quality,relevant training vs a firefighter who had hundreds of hours of useless training respond in my time of need.
I am a firm believer in getting all the training I can ( I log around 600 hrs a year as a student and an Instructor). The day you think you know it all in the fire service, is the day you should quit. As always, Stay Safe and continue to train to live.
To be sincere,training is training anywhere,be it for volunteer or full time.The most important thing is for one to be always physically fit all the time so as to combat fire always.You can always have as much training as you can.The amount of training you will have all depends on you as an individual firefighter.Lets keep fit all the time and always be on training.It is good if you can take up to 5 hours.
We've got 4 drills per month, and we're required to make 50% of them. That's not counting special drills that come up like MABAS drills. Stay safe!
in my dept. our chief has us train just like the paid dept. that we assist and he does a good job at keeping us up on as much training as we can get never have too much training
Our Vollies have the same as our regulars same instructors same program and more than not the hands on teachers assistants are vollies with level 2 or 3 instructor, and most States require a certain level of hours after all it is suppose to be why our fir fighter 1 and 2 is accepted anywhere in U.S. although some states are becoming pany tangled and changing their criteria for Fla. Baltimore a few others.
we do training with the paid fire dept. so when we assist them we are all on the same page and know their equipment and they know ours and where it is on the rigs. and we know how everyone works and that we can depend on them and they can depend on us and everyone goes home
To date this year, I have offered 34 in house drills on Tuesdays. These drills are worth 2 hours of credit. I offered 2 live burn drills at 8 hours each, a 24 hour Hazmat class, 24 hours of First Responder training, and one Ice Rescue class for 4 hours. Myself, as Chief, did 174 hours of training this year. This includes making all of the above and going to the NFA for a week. 75% of my department has over 100 hours of training this year. My SOG's mandate 24 Tuesday drills to stay active. We are going to look at making the requirement an hourly one instead of a drill attendance one. That way people can catch up. We are also looking at approximately 60 hours mandatory.
This topic pretty conmen here in Ohio as the state just this past year, mandated that all Firefighter must do 18 hours of training per year to keep their cert. Well as you might imagine, all you here is about how it's unfair and it's too much time to put in well frankly the whole thing makes me sick, 18 hours a year is not enough not by a long shot if, I had my way my dept. would be doing something closer to 32 hours a month but I don't get my way. My feeling is that if someone cant commit to a mere 18 hours of training a year then I don't wont them on my dept.

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