NFPA 1901, 2008 revised code, saying not to wear fire helmets while in the seated position in a fire apparatus, when you got truck captains wanting you to have everything on as soon as you get on the truck. What's your thoughts on this subject.

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according to what ive understood the reason for the change to the code is so in the event of a wreck the amount of head room is needed to prevent neck injuries. if you have your helmet on the space between the top of your head and the cab of the top of the truck is greatly diminished which could cause injury. so thats why your not supposed to wear your helmet. but with captains and chiefs wanting you to be ready to act as soon as your off the truck or on it, its gonna be awhile till everyone complies. stay safe.
I wear a european style helmet, so it fits fine while I am seated.
I don't usually wear my helmet in the cab until, were almost there cause of my truck captains. But the truck captains that want your helmet on is technically not following NFPA standards or they know it, but don't want it that way so they don't mention the 1901. When they say something to me, I'll have to inform them of the code. Traditional helmets look good but not that comfortable while seated, as well as Capt. Jack 77 I also don't wear it while en-route due to my height.

Thanks for all the Reply's to this forum.
I agree with Fireman Ed, you have to take it back off to pack up anyway plus, I realize that the truck or engine captain is doing a scene size-up but, I like to do my own size-up before I put my mask on. I like to see the whole picture of waht I am going into. I understand that you want to make a quick attack but it should also be a calculated one. No two fires are the same.
I think it's a good addition to the standards. Most FF's usually don't wear their helmets anyway while riding on the apparatus so having a secure place to store them so they don't become projectiles is also beneficial. Nothing worse then surviving a crash only to get injuried or killed by your own or somebody elses helmet! There is also a lot more revisions to the standards that are beneficial this time around.

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