What do you think, should volunteer firefighters be allowed to have and use lights and sirens in their POV ? Should only the Chief an ASST. Chief be allowed to have them ?

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Hi, I dont know much about your system with volunteers as I am from the uk. But can you answer me this...... if while under lights and sirens you had an accident because maybe you were driving faster than normal road speed.
would you be insured by the service/ brigade?
would it increase your insurance car premium? (at whos cost)
Do you think that you may cause other road users to panic (like they usually do when someone hammers up behind them with sirens and lights lol)
This could slow down your attendance time.
Personally I dont think any of you who are volunteers should take the risk

Over here we have part time who respond from their houses in their cars (at normal road speed no lights etc), they should live within a set area and be able to attend the station within 5 mins of the alerter activated.

I really think it would be a bad idea and open for abuse thats one of the reasons its not implemented here.

I've never been in a dept where they were allowed, so I understand the traffic issue. I was in one dept where I was a 5 minute walk from the station, the other is a 10 minute drive. The upside is it gets people to the apparatus faster, which gets the apparatus where its needed faster. The downside is the idiots that every dept has on its roster that would abuse the privilage, drive like morons, or just cause more havoc responding to a call and creating more calls than the one they were responding to. Its definitely a double edged sword, and then theres the insurance issues. Most dept's don't want to pay the costs associated with possible accidents. I think if we're going to put lights on our POV's there should be some training and evaluations that precede it, just like we require before we put drivers in the rigs. I'd love to have them on mine, thats for sure, but then again I know how seriously I take driving. I know when and when not to turn on the "bright pretty lights". Our Chiefs always had dept vehicles, so lights and sirens were always they're option. Not sure the new, 19 year old just out of the academy really needs to have that kind of equipment on his own vehicle.
To answer you're questions (at least in the area where I am from).
First off, we are only allowed 1 flashing light that is to be mounted on the inside of the vehicle.

would you be insured by the service/ brigade? We are covered under our own insurance, the fire department takes no resposibilty for members responding. If any incidents occur while responding, you are on your own.

would it increase your insurance car premium? (at whos cost) We aren't considered "emergency vehicles" so our insurance rates do not go up. I have heard of some people who's rates do go up, if they even get insurance at all. Which is at their own cost.

Do you think that you may cause other road users to panic - Most people in our area know to move over, there are also others that should not be on the road, that have no idea what to do, even when there is a Firetruck behind them. I personally keep enough space between myself and the vehicle in front of me, for such instances, if someone slams on the brakes, I have enough time to adjust, and react. It is up to each member to exercise caution and discretion when responding to the fire hall.

To say that we shouldn't take the risk, is telling us not to respond. There is certain risk in even the most mundane of daily tasks. It is up to each member to decide how much "risk" they want to put themselves in while responding.
YES! I'm a volunteer fire fighter. Just about everyone in our department uses them. We have personal vehicle inspections, once a year, to ensure that our vehicles are up to State of Ohio safety laws and regulations. If you have lights, you have to have sirens also. We purchase our own, out of our pockets. Every body in our dept. has a full time job, other than fighting fires. I would like to give my thanks to every volunteer who does the same. I feel volunteers get crapped on alot, instead of appriciated for the time we spend trying to do this wonderful job and not paid for doing it. It' a great feeling, knowing that I give this little bit back to my community and my community gives that THANKS back to us!!! Thank GOD for Volunteers!!!!
Now see that, this is the kind of reply you would like to see from 14 years. lol I know what you mean about the subject being beat to death but there is still some places that would like to have the use of the Lights.

Thanks for the reply. I just want to hear both sides of the issue as I am the Volunteer Firefighter in Nova Scotia Canada that this trying to have our Province allow us the use of a Courtesy Light.

I only read replies that are respectfull of each side and the ones that put down Paid or Volunteers, I just skip them. People can have few either way but atleast they could respect each other no matter which king of Department you belong to.

Things like, idiot, dummy, etc. has know place in these posts.

when we are called to an emergency we will all go into the burning building Paid or Not.

Show some respect for each other.

And once again thanks for your reply Brian...

Sorry I forgot.

My site


My web site

Green Lights

OUr vollie dept allows all the lights you want from day one. Headlights, turn signals, brake lights, you know everything the manufacturer puts on every car made. LOL NO SPECIAL LIGHTS ALLOWED!!!!!!Dont even ask !!!
Im on a small volunteer department in West Central Illinois. They do allow us to use blue lights only. It is just a courtesy light. "Legally" we still have to follow ALL traffic laws when reporting to the station for a call..
In NY we are allowd to use a Blue Light 55 watt Max (which no one uses, and is just a courtesy light). And as flustrating as it is to be heading for the station, and no one is yielding, it's that time you need to calm down and use a calm head for the job you are heading to do. Lights and Sirens make your blood pressue even higher! We have Chiefs who shouldn't be allowed to go L&S without a course for a fully qualified agency. Plus your insurance company should have a say as they are the ones footing the bill if you have a situation while responding.
I think we should. It's our SOP, in my small town dept. that we only run them for Rescue/Jaw's runs and confirmed structure fire's. All alarms and such are not allowed. All personnel who have them must be state legal and abide by all traffic law's. One funny thing, how come firemen have to follow these rules and cops don't? I seen a state police officer doing 70+ in a 55 zone going to a minor PI...he was only going for paper work...doesn't make sence!
Hi guys and gals.

Is there any chance of having some things sent to me. I see were some say they need a permit, sticker on the window, inspection etc.

Here is what I would like if possiabl:

1) Could someone send me a copy of the Light Permit.

2) Could someone send me a copy of the sticker that would have to be put in the window of the Pov.

3) Could someone send me a copy of any Public Awareness you use signs, tv or radio ads, newspaper etc.

4) Could some people put pics on here of their Pov with lights on.

5) Could someone send me their sop/sog the more the better and we could come up with one from these that are send.

6) Could someone send the discipline, everyone always says a firefighter could or will be disciplined is they miss use the light. Is there a paper with the discipline laid out so when they use the light they read what could happen to them if the light is miss used.


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