What do you think, should volunteer firefighters be allowed to have and use lights and sirens in their POV ? Should only the Chief an ASST. Chief be allowed to have them ?

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just lights
Yes, you will no doubt catch hell on this one as will I with being the first to comment....BUT, thats hasn't deterred me in the past nor will it here....I have my "Blue lights" on my pov as per State Law....They are purely a "courtesy light" In New York State they do not grant you any special priviledges to not abide by the traffic laws....I would shudder to think what it would be like if we had members running lights and sirens....sometimes I wonder how these "wackers" ever got a license to start with....Personnally I would like to leave things as is......stay sfe and keep the faith.........Paul
Good topic. First I would like to say that in Kentucky volunteers can run lights (only red or red/clear), and sirens. I can go either way on this one. I know in the area where I am a volunteer if you are running lights and siren, other motorist pull over to the side of the road. I think that running lights and a siren helps with the response time to the station or to the scene. But at the same time there is still the need for sensible driving.
TO be honest,

I think that all vol FF should at least have lights. I have one red light on my jeep for response and its courtesy only. Pedestrians do not have ot move out of the way. . .
Think about it, if vol guys had lights and sirens, they would be abusing the athority that they enpower to the drive. Let's face it, there are lots of guys out there who unfortunatly dont respect the profession. . . . .

Lights only should be the way it is, as it is in MA
well thats the positives get ready for the negs lol
Vol Depts are often times understaffed. So when time is indeed a factor, you need to look at who can and wont respond to calls. What happens if say, Bob. Someone who is qualified to do just about every thing need be at a call, cant have a light, and cant have a siren. Well bobs gunna need 10 minutes to get to the station to get the truck, cuz no one else can run it, and gram and grampa infront of him are doing 40 in a 55 (I had this happen to me several times before i got my light)

Remember now, Vol's save lives & Property. So time is very important when responding POV on a Vol dept.

As for Siren, there are so many deaf people not paying attention, I feel sirens should be aloud. Once again think of how many people will/can respond, and how time is a factor. They cant speed to the call, and have to obey traffic laws, so why not give them a little more help in cutting down time.
I think that all FFs should have lights. The chief and assistants should have lights and siren. In this state only the chief, assistants, and engineers are allowed to have a blue light as well as the fire police. None of the above are allowed to have a siren.
This question is a double edged sword since a majority of us volunteers understand the rules of the road and having lights and a siren do not give us cart blanche to run red lights, speed, etc, there are others who would ignore the rules of the road and ruin it for all.
I'd have to say at least lights........considering where my department is located(tourist area) responce time from home or wherever to station can be hectic........but it needs to be made clear that having lights does not mean you can drive like a nut ball!!!!
in pennsylvania, all emergency responders (volunteer) can use a "blue light" but no siren... but at the same time, the chief and assistant chiefs can have "red lights" and the main chief can have a siren. also, fire police can have blue lights, and fire police captains can have "red lights" and a siren. EMS follow the same guidelines as the other emergency responders
In the state of Missouri you must be issued a blue light permit that is issued by the cheif of your department. Our State Law requires Blue light and Siren in POV's no other colors. Once activated you must run both devices and this is considered requesting the right of way (not given). All traffic laws must be obided by and if found in violation law enforcement can site you for any traffic violations and/or revoke your blue light permit.

Our department is a VFD so all responses are responded to from our residences. Once enough qualified personnel are staffed on apparatus our cheif will request via radio to downgrade responding units. Unless the call warrants emergency response.

All in all best judgement in road conditions and call type depend on whether I run my emergency equipment or run non emerg.

Rule of thumb when responding to any call for help whether POV or service apparatus keep it safe. If you don't make it to the call then you can't do any good...
Are you crazy? How do you expect for vollies to get to the station and make it to the scene quickly
You must live in BFE where there is no traffic.

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