Whats the best way to get new members for a Volunteer Fire Dept.

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omg lol thats funny that made me laugh
That is how they got me to join...Lol
really show that they are part of something. Many people withdraw from volunteer due to the leadership and other items that they see in departments that they work in on a daily basis. So you have to show them that they are a member and a part of a good work team
kat said it. Our dept is like a family we laugh,cry and even get mad sometimes but when its said and done we're there for each other whether on a fire call or moving a fridge.
Dude, you have to see The Man:


I think this one of the first in a series of excellent articles on how to get new members.
We've never had a problem getting people, but I've seen smaller departments actually put a sign out in front asking for help or even putting a add in the paper.
Our problem isn't getting applicants, but getting good applicants. We have had alot recruits that are not willing to put any effort into the job. they end up quiting or being voted off within their year probation. We have also had a few that have abused their lights pulling people over they thought were breaking the law.
Ed nailed it. JK There are many different ways to recruit. A popular one is the FD hosting a block party. Go to certain areas/neighborhoods and bring the trucks and gear. Let people see what you have and hear about what you need. Do this in areas where you want bodies to respond to/from. Good public relations and communicating with locals is one of the best ways. When all else fails...try the white van technique. Be safe and learn something new today.
I'm still locked in the van. Please somebody let me out!
I'm still locked in the van. Please somebody let me out!
Run BillySFCVFD, you are freeeeeeee!

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