Kurt Russel or John Travolta?

Backdraft has always been my favorite movie. Come on, who can forget when that movie first came out, All the "wackers" coming to movie theatre with there pagers one, knowing that they are out of their district, dragged the love ones to see it and they didn't want to. And who can not forget the famous line of the movie, "You go, We go!"


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I have seen Ladder 49 several times and loved it, but have yet to see all of Backdraft because the one time I saw it coming on tv we were called to a vehicle fire halfway through. Both movies had a good story line, and great quotes as many have mentioned on here. My only problem with both of them was how unrealistic they were. I wish I could stand in the middle of a burning room without an air pack.
I saw another movie a while back about a fireman. I can't remember the name, but it was about a girl who was trapped under a burning gasoline tanker, and a fireman crawled under there with her and talked to her until they were able to rescue her. Sound familiar to anyone?
I am very excited to see Fireproof. Romance and firefighting sounds like the perfect movie to me :)
back draft for sure
Ladder 49. thats my fav. But her in New Zealand I just got the rescue me series and that is mint.
Kasey I think the movie you are thinking about is freqency. It is where a cop can talk to his dead father over his fathers old radio. He is able to keep his firefighter father from dieing in a fire then again from cancer and on and on.
For which movie is better is hard to say but realistic looking I would say Ladder 49 but Backdraft has all the good one liners. Another good firefighter movie is Towering Inferno
Ladder49 was good but backdraft had the better quotes.
I would say Backdraft.
They're both great! Backdraft is like Leathal Weapon or Die Hard great. Ladder 49 is more like Rain Man or Braveheart great.

Perfect analogy!
Ladder 49. Wasn't quite as farfetched as backdraft.
Ladder 49 without a doubt... it was more realistic and the action wasnt cheesy like some of the scenes in Backdraft... plus Ladder 49 had a more believable story... dont get me wrong, i loved Backdraft, but L49 is tops
Backdraft all the way!
Ladder 49!

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