I'm having a hard time deciding whether to get a mini light bar for my Chevy Cobalt, just wondering what everybody thinks about it. Go to the link and tell me what you think. Tell me the truth it won't hurt my feelings.

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I personally dislike dash lights, because they tend to blind me at night regardless of how good a reflector/shield the light has. Also, 360 degree visibility is possible with a roof-mounted light as opposed to a forward-facing dash or grille lights. This gives better warning to people at intersections too.

Keep in mind that in some states the law reads that volunteer FFs can have one (1) light; light bars are a gray area while a combo of grille and dash (or roof) lights is not allowed. Also, your chances for getting involved in a wreck responding with red lights and siren go up by a factor of 10.

Finally, regarding the roof-mounted lights identifying one as an emergency responder: yeah, you have to set a good example by driving legally and responsibly at all times. Not only for yourself, but for the good reputation of your department and for the fire service in general.
I have to agree with Joe on this one. Dash Lights are ok, but yes they still reflect back & it is a very bad distraction at night. As for over all safety at intersections, no matter what type, an over head light is the only way to go for best visability. Now also if you want to save money, check out www.ledoutfitters.com, I got my mini bar there and saved alot over galls prices. Always pays to shop.
Good point, Joe. We got rid of the use of blue lights for responding POV's because some over anxious members were not even yielding to the responding apparatus! Also our insurance carrier was anti-blue light.
I've got to agree with Brian Moyer, a mini bar on a Cobalt would make you look like a goober. Just my 2 cents...stay safe!
Actually our trucks are white.
Hi I am a 22 year member with a small single rotator. I have debated myself about purchasing a larger warning light device a numerous occassions. Granted here in Lancaster NY suburb of Buffalo NY most people ignore the one light I do have. I also am a firm believer that most drivers are not even trained in driving school or othertraining programs what a Blue or Green light is all about let alone Red lights. I also have seen people completely confused when I approach a traffic device such as a Stop sign or Stop light. With all this said I do not over drive my blue light and found that the only thing you will get from a larger device is a larger expense. Just my oppinion. Stay safe no matter what you choose.
I totally agree with your guys, don't do the lightbar, go undercover and put strobes or leds on each corner and 2 on the sides maybe on the back passenger window's, then when you need them, you light up like a christmas tree:)
In Maryland You are not allowed POV lights. But there is nothing that says you can have a warning device on while stopped. I use a dash light and a 8 Head Light bar for my back window. both are Led and provide excellent warning power I also use hide away strobes. I know at night the dash light glares off the windshield and would cause a distraction if moving. I like the dashlight for its undercover style and you don't have a big lightbar on top sucking your fuel milage but it provides maxium warning power. Being magnetic like the one your looking at its easy to remove but a hassle to put on and take off everytime you get a call.If you want 360 coverage a lightbar is the best way to go but if you want low key blend in undercover is the way to go.you can also mount lights in you side windows also. Its all on what your looking for and want. Good luck to you and stay safe. Gary BVFD Co.90
In the state of texas its up to the city"s on what you can run here in wood co. i run a full size light bar (led) with red and blue and whit yellow i got 4 led in grill and strobs in turn signals front and rear with 200wt sir. on a 2004 f250 super duty truck and i will say peoples do move over for me very well. But i got to watch how i drive because i cant hide. But yes you should run enough lights to be seen but always us cation no matter what.
Hello, why not try this....Check your State Laws before you go and spend the $$$Money$$$....Some States are very specific on what you can and cannot use...Please don't become another "Whacker".....LOL.... more lights on your car than you have on your Christmas tree.....Stay safe and always keep the faith Brother.......Paul
Since you asked us to be blunt, I'll keep it short and sweet, in my opinion a mini light bar on a Cobalt is kinda whackerish.
Galls huh…… Absolutely not! Keep in mind that there are way too many people impersonating cops these days. So don’t add to the fire.


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