I'm having a hard time deciding whether to get a mini light bar for my Chevy Cobalt, just wondering what everybody thinks about it. Go to the link and tell me what you think. Tell me the truth it won't hurt my feelings.

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I own a chevy colbolt I have a stobe viser light look s good going down the road anything on top my thought are way toooo much......
The easiest thing for you to do is go with a head/tail light flasher and maybe an LED or Strobe dash or visor light. but that's just my opinion. Depends on what your state allows you to run.
Go with useing some type of LED'S
I think it would look just fine. My dad uses a single rotatory light on top of his truck when responding to station, and LED's in the grille, but I think that would to a much better job of alerting traffic to your approach, especially in a smaller car.
I agree with Patrick. Get a set of wig wag flashers and tail light flashers (cheap but effective) then go with a LED type light for the dash. Some have as many as 30 flash patterns, so u can mix and match if you decide to get more than 1. I wouldn't go with grille lights simply for the fact that in a Cobalt most vehicles are not going to be able to see them. Hope this helps.
Josh LVFD-13
Keep in mind those mini lightbars come with magnet mounts and can still come flying off your vehicle at high speeds. In my opinion, you're better off with lights on the inside of the car, like Anne's visor strobe light, or some window mounted LED's. Remember to follow your State's laws regarding POV response with emergency lights. A little common sense goes a long way! Stay safe!
If you mount them at the top of the grille I don't think it would be much different than a police car's grille lights
Some of us work in small towns, we can't roll out all our trucks with the on duty crew so we have to respond to the station to man the trucks and get them on scene. I have found MOST drivers will yield to POV's around here. We can roll and engine out with the on duty crew (sometimes just barely) so to get our ladder out we need 2 more people on station, to do that quickly and effectively we need to use POV's w/ emergency lights and siren. In Ohio it is legal to do so.
Thanks guys for your comments I think I'm going to go with phantoms.
James, Galls has an awesome LED visor light for 100 bucks I have one in my explorer along with a single strobe dash light and hide-aways in the corners. I think this visor is wonderful, very bright, has 16 flash patterns, and a cig. plug w/ built in 0n/off switch. Check it out. Chris MVFD1149
My Dept.does not allow lights on our pov's but I would go with a dash light of some kind and maby some rear
I would go with something on the inside of your car because if you have a light bar on top of your car everyone will know that you are some kind of emergancy personnle. Im sure you want people to notic you when you are going to the station or the call but when you are out of district do you still want people to notic your driving. also if you come up to an mva people would expect you to stop and you might be held acountable to your level of ems training even if you dont have the right equipment to preform the needed actions. so there is more to think about other then being noticed when resonding.


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