Does your department require knox box and knox caps for spkr. hookup for the business in your coverage area. Ifso do you require them to buy the knox caps and the box form the department or the supplier.

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We have a large Knox box program at my dept/city. Although most are not required, the business' have no problem having them installed when faced with the thought of have the placed torn up by forcible entry. All of our nursing homes and independant living facilities have them installed. Not so much for the knox caps. I would say we have more knox locks installed then caps. I believe they are purchase thru the supplier and we install them for them, dont quote me on that though, the FMB takes care of that end of things.
Our program requires the contractor or building owner to purchase directly from the supplier.
We've got a Knox box program here. I believe they are required of all businesses in the Fire District. I'm not sure if they get them from us or the supplier.

As far as Knox caps for the FDC, we do not require those. Most often the standard covers will suffice, but we've got some problem areas where the covers keep disappearing and debris gets stuffed into the FDC.

We've also started a program called MAPS (Medical Access Protection Safe). This is a Knox box style safe that attaches to the front door or front porch railing of a residence, and contains the key to that house. This can be a great help for invalid asist calls when there is no one home to open the door for us. This way we can enter the home without having to cause any damage to the home whatsoever! Every one of our vehicles has Knox box and MAPS keys inside in a lock box with combination lock, so business owners and home owners don't have to worry about the wrong people gaining access to their buildings.
We also have knox box'es and we push them with eveyone and its a rule that any new business in our area has to install one:)

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