Why is it that it seems like the fire depts. that have fire police treat fire police like there not part of the team? Has anyone thanked the fire police for a job well done? All I'm try to say be kind to you fire police & treat them like you would anyone else. Say Thank You!!!! Just remember were the people that keep you safe at scences.

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Sorry, I just found this thread. I would think that since you're all on the same team, the rest of the F.D. would treat their Fire Police better. After all some Fire Police (at least around here) are older members that can no longer go interior or handle the rigors of firefighting. In other words, these are guys who've paid their dues. My F.D. doesn't have Fire Police since we've got a great P.D. but further to the west in the more rural area they've got Fire Police, and they do a great job. So let me be the first here to say, "Thank you" for all that you do to keep the rest of the team safe!
My dept is very fortunate to have large active fire police squad. I thank them at every call and definately include them as part of the TEAM. We have the squad conduct drills for us to keep us aware of issues and remind us of proper fire police tactics. Remember most of the FP members are older and have been to afew calls. As a Chief Officer I never hesitate to ask for advice or run something past them. DONT TAKE YOUR FP FOR GRANTED
Our fire co treats us really well and we work nd train with them every monday night.
We treat ours in a great manner, but if they do something wrong than their just like use and will get an earfull from our Chief, but we get along great with each other:)
We don't have Fire Police in our dept., but I think that everyone on the team should look out for each other and appreciate each other no matter what! After all, we are all working toward the same goals....
Sounds like your FP's need some remedial training sooner rather than later. Unless your command is opting to wait until something bad finally happens. Does your F.D. have SOP's in place for the Fire Police, spelling out their duties at an incident? If the answer is NO, I would suggest coming up with some pronto. Stay safe!
We have a banquet for them every year... We love our fire police because without them.. Danger ous fire scenes... Nope got to love your fire police....

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