Everybody ready for hunting season.

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Oh Hell Yeah!!!

In Kansas:

Dove Season starts September 1st
Archery Deer Season starts October 1st
Pheasant Season starts November 8th
and finally
Deer Season for Rifles MY SEASON starts November 27th.

I am looking forward to the upcoming seasons!
Yea can't wait for hunting season... I save most of my vac time for this... Last year only tooo funny of as story is my nephew and I had just came out of the woods been in for about 6 hours 20 below out and saw small stuff.. Got in the car and got ready to head out Sure as crap a nine point walks out in front of us.. So I am yelling at my poor nephew to shoot the freaken thing from the car which is illegal but i was freaken cold sat the whole time saw nothing..... Got to laughing so hard i sounded Like I was in heat... Stupid thing took off then down the road jump back across on us and back to state land...... He's mine this year.lol
This will be a good season for us if we do not get a hurricane.
Here in SC deer season is already in for all types of weapons. The other day I took my 2 youngest sons with me (5 and 3). They were good and still and quiet the whole time....talking in whispers when they had a question. Then about 125yds away a deer walked out, I pointed the deer out to them and they both acknowledged they saw it so, I told them to be still and quiet while I looked through my scope to make a final decision on if I was going to shoot or not. Well as I was getting a good sight picture my 3yo decides he is going to stomp (which shook the blind) and yell hey. Needless to say the only good look I got at the deer was as its white tail was waving bye as it scampered off. My 5yo started fussing at my 3yo who started crying because he scared the deer off and all I could do was laugh at the whole thing.
Love the kid stories. Started taking mine when he was about 6. Now he's 15 and pulling a bow. He missed a doe last year (got the shakes!). He's very careful and sometimes passes on shots he could have. Better safe that sorry. Your story just reminded me of a few of the years he went with me and just sat there. Sometimes we didn't even see anything. But if I asked him about it, he always said he had a blast. He just likes being out there. Glad to see you sound like you are enjoying every moment. They go fast. Before you know it they'll be out on their own.

here are a few hunting photos of alabama
I am ready for turkey season. taking both my girls this weekend to KY for the youth season. fowlfighters.com
Can't wait already started to shoot woodchucks for target pratice and turkey season in PA starts here in a few weeks .I have seen a lot of long beards and can't wait ,just hoping another yote doesn't screw it up.

Here is a Picture of My 2007 Rifle Season and I shot an even bigger one in 2008 but do not have it back from the taxidermist yet to get a picture of it, when I do I will put it on here for all to admire!



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