I just recently finished a DVD of my Presentation done at the Marmora and Lake Fire Dept. done in front of 502. I made this DVD becuase I can not get around to the places who want to hear it like NFPA in Las Vegas at there Conference next summer. DR. Macey already ordered one from me all I have to do is get it copied and send to his address he left for me in an email. He also ask how much it would cost I said nothing it is for fire safety. So you to can get a copy for your own Fire Safety for a presentation where you live for the disabled, I put it here so if you want it email me at mikeseaborn36@aol.com and when you see it leave a comment for others to see. I'd email it but my server say it is to big to compress. But it is only 17 min.19 sec. of your life I ask you to stop and see it and help those who need help THANK YOU.

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Noting that no one commented back Mike on this post and your incredibly generous offer to help others, I was very curious to see what you came up with and what you've learned since. My wife works with handicapped children and there just is not that much informative stuff discussed regarding this topic on the FFN.

My question to you Mike is now that almost four years have passed, is the video what you wanted it to be? Have you discovered anything new to help us all do a better job providing fire safety for the disabled?

Hi Mike J. Seaborn

I,too, am VERY interested in this information you have. I am a "step-in-dad" of a girl with CP who is in a wheelchair, and maybe, along with your help, I might be able to get something started in our surrounding area, or even more, in regards to getting information to FF when responding to a residence of a person with special needs. We also have an elderly home in our area.As of now, we have nothing like that, and if this information can be shared with the communities that surround us, maybe something will happen. I'll be sendng you a message in your private Email, Mike.
Too bad I am just now finding out about this.

I'll send you something in return.
Until we hear from Mike Seaborn, and mind you that this was posted 09-28-2007... Here are some links to get folks started. Hopefully, others will contribute to this post, making more resources known.


Reaching the Disabled Population with Fire Safety Programs (PDF)

Disaster and Emergency Planning for Seniors and Persons with Disabi...
Reaching the Disabled Population with Fire Safety Programs (PDF)

Disaster and Emergency Planning for Seniors and Persons with Disabi...

Fairfax County Fire Department, Virginia

Yes, thanks Mike.
Just a note Derek, I emailed the posts author, requesting him to contact me or come back to this site with information. When and if I hear something, I will repost that information. Hopefully, someone out there in the land of FFN just might know about some other resources out there.
Thanks Mike, I emailed him as well. And I'll do the same if I get anything.
Go to www.nfpa.org for Allen Fraser and his disability news letters it is amazing!! Good Luck!!!
Thank you Mike for getting back to us all with information and thank you for all of your hard work on this project. If you could, please go back to the NFPA site for us, and respond back with a specific link that can tie us in with Allen Fraser's Disability News Letters. I could not easily find them when I did a site search.

Note: The NFPA site does give some good information such as this training program (PDF) from England (I think) focusing on Fire Safety for the Handicapped.

Michael Schlags, Fire Captain/Paramedic (Retd.)
Santa Barbara, CA

Note: Here's the contact information for the referenced NFPA author and Committee Chair:

These guides were prepared by NFPA staff. Comments and suggestions may be sent to Allan B. Fraser, afraser@nfpa.org or +1 617 984 7411.
Hello Mike (Captin Busy) My DvD has been sent all over the world, so far even as far as New Zealand. The only thing I've discoveredthanks to Allan Fraser of the National Fire Protection Association is his Newsletters for fire protection for disdabled www.nfpa.org/e-access. These newsletters are amazing if you have any questions i'm pretty sure you can contact him www.nfpa.org.
Sign up free NFPA “e-ACCESS” newsletter @ www.nfpa.org/disabilities
I'm sorry Derek but I just6 came across this searching the name mike seaborn. I hope in some way I answered you, if not email me at mikeseaborn36@live.ca . Give me an idea exactly what you are looking for and I help you with my berst of intentions!!
Derek go here and check out the e-acess newsletters and maybe email Allen Fraser. Sorry for the multiple replys but I just remembered this for starters!!

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