In less than 3 months into the year we have lost 9 Firefighters, with the lastest one being Today in Texas

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In addition to what Chief Dino listed, if you haven't already --- seek the "Courage To Be Safe" training offered by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It is an awesome class built around the 16 life safety initiatives.

We just had a bylaw meeting and one of the changes was to implemnt a health program.  Our HSO called it a personal biometrics exam.  It went into BMI and blood pressure.  The test is free of charge to the dept.  The test has four levels for the blood pressure.  Normal, pre-hypertensive, stage one hypertension, and stage two hypertension.  If a firefighter is found to be in stage one or two hypertension they would be refered to their doctor for a physical.  The firefighter would then have to take action to lower his or her blood pressure and would have to get a release from the doctor to continue their duties at the dept.  We did not like the idea at first but now most of us have gotten behind it.  I think it would really make a difference.  Seems like a lot of vols die from heart attacks.  It aslo seems to me that we are behind the eightball again when it comes to operating on the fireground.  With the new construction standards and energy release of modern furnishings, the UL test that shows a roof collapse in under fifteen mins and great new ppe that does not drive us out of the building faster because we cant feel the heat I wonder if the tactics book will have to be re-written.  I dont have much time as a firefighter but I read all I can and attend as much training as I can.  I cant believe how many firefighters are killed in abandoned buildings.  We vent, enter, search like a lot a depts, but our state fire training service is drilling into us sings to look for before we enter and search.  They said to think about the smoke and fire load and building construction and that if we can be killed with full PPE on is the potential victim saveable?  The trainer did not say that we should never enter a burning building, he wanted us to realize that the fire enviroment has changed for the worse.  As Don said modern homes are designed to kill firefighters.  I dont want to start a fight about tactics, more like discussion.  What do you guys and gals think?  I dont buy into the theory that I have heard that firefighters are supposed to die.  I also dont believe that EVERYBODY GOES HOME is the ruination of the fire service.   

You are correct. The 16 Life Safety Initiatives outline the ways we most often die in the line of duty. Number one is heart attack. Number two is driving.

There's nothing non-traditional about wanting to go home to our loved ones at the end of the day.

Watch this powerful video:

Learn the 16 Life Safety Initiatives presented by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

This will save many lives by changing attitudes.

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