ok what colors of helmets does your dept use and what do they mean?????? My dept uses White,Red,Black,Yellow,Blue,and Orange. White= Chief Red= Captain Black= Lt Yellow= firefighter Blue= Safty Orange= Rookie

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This is a different one - I expanded my response to the other one starting around "Taupe".
Same in our District, "except" . We have as our newest issue, the "Concrete Block" Bullards and man are they extremely heavy. There are some of our smaller firefighters who can't wear them for a long period of time. We still have some of the older Cairns that were issued to us in the mid '90s that are way more user friendly. Most of them are "yellow" so the color coding isn't just the White, Red, Black and Blue - - - -
and fusia (sp?)
Oh you got Taupe (good man)
Oh and by the the way, my helmet is smoked stain yellow. Hopefully that makes me a firefighter.
For my department and the surrounding cities in the area we wear the following:
White for all chief officers, Red for Captains, Black for Lieutenants, Yellow for all firefighters.
white = chief officers, red = capt & Lt, yellow = firefighter, black = jr firefighter
Alright change in our helmets:

White- Chief, Deputy, Assistant, and Captain
Black w/ white front- Lt. and Chief Engineer
Black- Firefighters
Black w/ red stripe- JR or Probie
Orange- Safety
We have added one so I'll give another run down.....

White - Chief and Asst. Chief
Yellow - Captain
Black - firefighter
Orange - Safety Officer

Now I'm trying to get the dept. to use red for Captains due to interoperability. Most depts. we run with use yellow for firefighters and red for their Captains as well.
white = chiefs and deputies
red = other officers(capt,LT
yellow = lvl1 trained or cert'd
black = untrained
orange = JR's

special teams
green = RIT
blue = Safety officer
someone asked a question and i answered take it easy
red for everybody but the chiefs, they wear white.
Just click the "stop following" button if you don't want to help beat this horse.

in the Washington D.C. Metro region we have whats called the Council of Govts. or COG which has helps with mutual aid and how things are ran on scene. As far helmet color,

White-Chief, Asst. Chief, Capt., Lt. essetientally all line officers
Yellow or Black-FF/EMT
Blue-EMS only
Red-Probies or Juniors/Cadets

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