Politician Firefighter: The volunteer or career member of your fire dept who takes up the lead to move upward and on ward to be the leader of your city/town, county, the state and maybe the country.

The father of our country George Washington and several other first leaders of our country served in a volunteer fire dept.

In the years of being in the fire service I have know some members of the fire service to be mayor of the city or town while still serving as a member of their fire company.

One that was comptroller of the state treasury.

One retire career fire chief that served as a county council person and tried to be elected county exec but now serves as a bussiness consultant for our county.

I remember a US Congressman who attended our convention and he had rose through the ranks of his fire company and the political ranks.

I have wondered if there are other such people who have served the constituents of their area by first serving in their fire company then taking on being a greater leader to help.    

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The Dept, i used to belong to we had one member who was our Dept President went on to the village board county board and county sheriff , And one of our Ass't chiefs was on the village board and became mayor , So there are Fire Fighters that become politicians, I think this happens alot all over the country .

I think it would be more out of the ordinary if it didn't.  The two share a common characteristic - public service, and while the political crowd tends to be more "like-minded people", I think if you look at the fire service in general -- especially volunteer departments -- you'll find a healthy cross section of the population; everywhere from white collar executives to blue collar laborers.  Granted, some "groups" are probably more strongly represented, but overall, if you sample enough firefighters, I would bet my next paycheck you're going to find someone from every walk of life.

I had remember that one of the firefighters that served as one of the firefighter mayors of a city in our area had also served as Secretary of the State under under the state governor.

I also remembered this TV ad


I myself fully intend to go into politics after I retire from being a career firefighter, whenever that may be. I think all people who get into politics should have truly served their country or area in some sort of way, whether it be by in the armed forces or as firefighters, medics, police, or other ways of serving the community. No one will know the problems of the country better than those who have helped to correct so many. I'd like to think that that's why we in America are having so much problems, a high percentage of the people running our country don't know the true issues and are to indulged in personal gain than looking at everyone else's loss. Too many people born into money are in office.

Our fire administrator(not a chief in our eyes because he lacks any leadership skills and has single handedly ruined a world class department) is hoping to become the deputy mayor of Washington, DC.  If that happens then God bless the citizens of DC.  I wish you all luck.  He doesn't deserve to play any part in this city.

Was this person a firefighter or just someone appointed to a position?

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