What are your opinions on firefighters wearing pink helmets to show their support for breast cancer?


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Folks wearing pink helmets are part of a national campaign to bring awareness to breast cancer. They have not only pink helmets but their turnouts and engine are also pink. As for using pink helmets on the fireground...

I don't think this was ever the intention. No more than someone painting there helmet green for St. Patricks day...

I'm all for supporting breast cancer research and fundraising but like The Cap said, these helmets were not designed to be used on the fireground... Yes yes, I know your saying that they are compliant with all the rules and regs but helmets have specific colors for specific reasons.
I always supported breast cancer research, but pink helmets could be a distraction on the fire ground during operations. I do see a place for them as an educational awareness, station tours, etc..etc..
LOL. I'll buy one to wear at the next Sydney Mardi Gras. I don't see why a fire-fighter couldn't wear one. It's probably not a good idea to replace anything but a regular helmet. A helmet that indicates rank or role (such as for an officer or EMS only) should probably be left alone. I've known departments that let their guys wear yellow or black, I guess this is no different.

I will say this: Knowing the cost of the helmet, wouldn't this money be better spent actually researching a cure? I'd rather hand out toy helmets and use the money to do some good!
I'd rather just wear a ribbon or some other smaller sign of support. I've done some crazy things, but I'd probably never be caught in a pink lid.
I wouldnt mind wearing it to call like fire alarms or wires down. Im still a junior. My grandmother had breast cancer and saw this helemet and liked it. The guys at my station probably laugh at first until they realized the cause and donating money. Since im just a junior i stay with the trucks at a call. For the most part. However i wouldnt wear it to something major.
I would love to have a pink helmet! Not to wear on real incidents but to wear for training, public events, etc. Our department has at least 10 females and I know if we all showed up for a local parade wearing pink helmets, it would not only bring attention to our fire department being "girl friendly" (for recruitment purposes) but to the cancer awareness cause and isn't that the whole purpose of the pink helmet in the first place? The pink gear shown in Captain Busy's picture in his reply is AWESOME!!! Where do I order?
as long as its up to standards and regulations i would wear it to every call
I think that is the dumbest thing ever. I want to know about the other colors for other cancers.. how about red for heart attacks and black for colon cancer... yellow for liver cancer, and so on and so forth. I think that they need to calm down about this pink for breat cancer. It seems like a waste of money for departments to but pink helmets to help raise money. so, the department takes in $1000.. spent 800 on pink helmets and donated 200?... i am so tired of donating money to places that use my dontation to help entice other people to make a dontation. I would rather go sit at a hostpital and make a cancer patient smile than donate money!.....
The helmet can be more than just a donation to research...the helmet can make people smile. It shows that we do care and we support their battle.
I got enough problems wearing a yellow friggin helmet - ain't no way I'm wearing a pink one!
Well lemme ask you this. Would you wear it for a special event??

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