ok what colors of helmets does your dept use and what do they mean?????? My dept uses White,Red,Black,Yellow,Blue,and Orange. White= Chief Red= Captain Black= Lt Yellow= firefighter Blue= Safty Orange= Rookie

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thats what ours are but we have a first responder and emt that has to have a blue he says. so he has a blue but he bought it. we dont have an ambulance but do first respond when we get called . at least we are the only fd in our county of 14 depts one being pd that has triditional helmets and leather globe boots they are nice the pd dept has rubber boots
White=Chief Black= Everyone else. White Shieldsw/ Black numbers Lts. White shields w/ red lettering Ex-chief. Orange shield probie.
black(body) white shield ( officer)
white-battalion chief,district chief,deputy district

as far as the others?? no clue... but i can say that i THINK that blue is for E.M.S
we use White=chief red=captain yellow=Lt. black=firefighter black with orange refleters= Jr firefighter.
Here's my question about helmet colors: Does anyone know what the San Francisco helmet colors mean? I've been watching The Battalion (www.thebattalion.tv) and it seems the Truckies have Red and White panels on the their Black helmets. Is that correct? Do Engineers/Drivers use different colors?

Also, with so many different helmet color schemes, is there an NFPA standard for helmet color designations?

On our department:
White --Chief Officers
Red -- Captains
Yellow --Engineers
Black -- Firefighters
The standard for us is:
we subscribe to the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) works great at 3 AM
In my Hometown

Red = Engine Company
Black = Rescue Company
yellow = Rural Fire Company
White= Chiefs
Blue= Medic
Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks
White- Chief, Deputy, Asssistants, and Chief Engineer
Red- Assistant Engineers (that we never have any of)
Black- Firefighters
Orange- Safety Officer
Alright change in our helmets:

White- Chief, Deputy, Assistant, and Captain
Black w/ white front- Lt. and Chief Engineer
Black- Firefighters
Black w/ red stripe- JR or Probie
Orange- Safety
My department is

Chief, Assistant Chiefs, and Captains all wear white

Firefighters wear Black helmets

Jr's wear black helmets with Yellow Jr Member Shields.
At my department we use 3 colors white,yellow, and black.
White-Officer(jello heads)
Black- Firefighters
Yellow- Jr's.


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