I was wondering if anyone can help me with finding fire prevention brochures or pamphlets, hand outs, games and other information to hand out for a fire prevention stand by not for an open house. If anyone has any good ideas even if you have the idea of making stuff up or if you have any information you use already please help with any information possible. If its free its for me, if there is a cost please let me know!

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Take a look at the National Fire Academy website and check with the publications stuff. There is tons of resources available for free from the NFA, as well as CD's and stuff where you can create your own pamphlets and stuff with your dept's logo etc. Check with them, there is literally tons of stuff you could obtain.
John, thank you for the assistance, I have already used the USFA website and utilized their publication list and ordered the pamphlets I was entitled to and I plan on using two other passwords and other members will also aid me in getting more pamphlets. I am also looking for additional ideas or items I can use. If anyone knows of any web sites where I can gain other ideas and type or create my own informational products it would be of great help and support!
Eric, see the post I have on the discussion page? Try the National Fire Safety Council. They have a program available that dosnt cost you anything. YUP! Its free.
Thanks Chief I will look for the posts on the discussion page that you have posted.
If I were in your shoes, I'd be networking with folks from the Philadelphia Fire Prevention Bureau / Public Education to see what kinds of handouts they have on hand. Larger departments always have cache of handouts, typically at every station, or at least that's what my department is like. Should be plenty of stuff for you to use locally, or at least find out where they get things from. Good luck with your project!
Thanks for the fantastic idea, to be honest I have never even thought about reaching out to the city, especially as close to the city as I am.
well coming from having my own non profit that teaches disabled people about fire prevention and emergencies. I would have information for both the genral public and the disabled as well it just depends on the area in which you live.
Try the web site for the US Fire Administration they have quite a bit and it is almost all free of charge....Good luck......Paul
Paul thanks for the input, I have already checked the USFA and have ordered publications
Art as for your non-profit organization, is there any possible way you can send me information on what type of information you have, I serve in an old town with a lot of elderly persons and also have a mid rise for elderly persons, some of which are disabled or have medical conditions. If you need my email address please ask. Thank you!
Large county or city fire depts. may have paid Fire Life Safety Educators on staff. My county and city depts. share 2 of them and they are a great resource for free material. My state also has a Fire Life Safety Council that I belong too and they send out emails to the members when they find educatiuonal resources for depts. For example; a few months ago they posted that the Shriners had fire safety coloring books so I contacted them and requested 100. You got to network.
Kali thank you very much I have heard of insurance companies allowing use of their information just did not know what companies to use.

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