Ron King (Fire Chief)


Wytheville, VA

United States

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What State do you live in?
Type of Organization
Part/Paid Fire Department
Job Function
Fire Chief/Commisioner
Years in Fire/EMS:
Primary Fire/EMS Department:
Wytheville Fire Department,Wytheville,Virginia
Years With Department/Agency
Dept. Web Site:
My Training:
firefighter I,II,III .fire Instructor I,II,III .Fire Officer I,II.Fire Inspector I,II .Airport Firefighter I,II,Aircrash Fire Rescue,Virginia Aircraft Rescue Firefighting,Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Ops,Vehicle Rescue I, Vehicle Rescue Awareness and Operations, Rope Rescue I NFA Leadership I,II Trench Rescue I,II Farm Machinery Rescue I Nims 100,700,800,200,300,400,701A,702A,703A,704,Motorsports Emergency Training, EVOC 1,2,3. Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator.Pumper/Operator, Rural Pumper Water Supply, Public fire and Safety educator I,Comm. with Children, NFA Arson Investigator I,II,III, Fire Attack I,II ,L.P. Gas,Search & Rescue,Confined Space Rescue I,II, Meth lab training.(FEMA) NFA Incident Safety Officer.Operation Lifesaver Emergency Response.Rail & Industrial fire fighting. Locomotive fire response.Forest Fire Strategy and Tactics. Fire Investigation I,II,III,VI. VFIRS.FEMA AWR 147: Rail Car Incident Response.FEMA AWR 148: Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents.FEMA AWR 209 Dealing with the Media.FEMA MGT 335 Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals.FEMA AWR 187-W Terrorism and WMD Awareness in the Workplace.The Bullet Proof Mind: Mental Preparation for combat.Virginia Department of Fire Programs Written Test & Skills Test Elvaluator.Traffic Incident Management for Emergency Responders.International Code Council Wildland-Urban Interface.OSHA Management.Risk Management OSHA 1-6. OSHA in the workplace 1-12. OSHA for First Responder's 144-789.NOAA Skywarn Trained Observer.Fire Chief 1. NFPA Fuel Cell Vehicle Incidents. NFPA Gasous Fueled Vehicle Incidents. NFPA Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Incidents.NFPA Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Program.
Day Job:
Guardian EMS, Wytheville,Virginia
Relationship Status:
Why I Joined Fire/EMS
The desire to serve my community along with that inborn thrill to "tame the devil".
Why I Love Fire/EMS
Saving lives and property, And helping anyone in need.
Top Issues Facing Responders:
Knowing all the ins and out of being a true firefighter. It takes more than turn-out gear and a red light in your windshield.

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  • Kenneth D Hodge

    I'm alright setting around and taking care of mom and the boy.
  • Firewriter

    Hey Chief, I believe that side would be the muzzle?? :D
  • Paul Montpetit

    Thanks for the add....I'm looking forward to discussions in the future...I can be alittle blunt at times but only because I am passionate about what I do.....thanks again....Stay safe, Keep the Faith Brother.............Paul
  • Roy Luther

    Thanks for adding me Chief King !!!!!!!
  • Ringold15

    Yeah sure is I noticed you have it on your songs too.
  • Kenneth D Hodge

    Yes, I will know monday whether I can go back to fighting fires. Thanks for the flowers.
  • Brian Mackie

    Thanks Chief for the add. Welcome to my list. I look forward to communicating with you. :)
  • Fabulous Heather Days of Summer

    Hey Ron: Great to meet you. Nice pictures and awesome songs on your page. Look forward to seeing you around the pages. Stay safe. Heather
  • maricel consolacion

    Thanks for the add :) Stay safe! U have a cool page ;)
  • Chris Carrican

    Chief Thanks For The Add. Look Forward To Hearing From You.
  • Gerard J Magnan

    Thanks Chief King for the Add. Have a great day and stay safe.
    Great home page, just love the action photos and music!!!
  • Melissa Eastwood

    Happy New Year!
  • Hondo

    I hope that you have a Healthy, Happy & Safe 2011.

    Stay Safe
  • Kat Moye

    Thanks for the add!
  • Kimberly

    Tanhk you for the add
  • Tomasz Bańczyk

    Thank you for adding me to your friends list chief. Regards from Poland
  • Mark Fuqua

    Hey Chief, Thanks for having me as a friend.Hope you have a good weekend. "STAY SAFE AND KEEP IN TOUCH"
  • Karina

    Hi Ron,
    I enjoyed watching ur slideshow listening the king!
    Tremendous pics....and scenes....
    That one with the made me dizzy.. and the best for me was that one with firefighter going towards wilfire..awesome..i can feel that pic..
    Congrats to ur son? the graduated?
    Great job there...stay cool!!!

  • Timothy J. Gaffney, Jr.

    Hope everything is going well in the great state of VA! Keeping cool in upstate NY. Check out a new group I started labeled "SLOW Team". This is to counter act FAST or RIT teams and getting back to the basics.
  • Peggy Sweeney

    Hi chief. Hope things are going well in VA. Beautiful state!

  • Sarah Mae Flanagan -Tobin

    Thank You Ron!
  • Sarah Mae Flanagan -Tobin

    Thank You Ron and Love the pics with music! Be safe!
  • William Allan Milfred Harper

    Hi Ron and welcome aboard fire fighter nation. I will write more later. I am

    married to my wife Joan for 38 yrs,Work at Holy Cross Catholic School as

    guard and attend the Salvation army in Barrhaven and Kemptville, Ont,

    Canada. I belong to the local legion pipe band as a drummer, and the

    Ottawa fire dept pipe band. Have been involved in may activities in the

    community, and an amateur radio operator. I would like to wish you and

    your family a Blessed CHRISTmas & Happy New Year.

  • Ashley Baker

    Hey; Thanks for the add. Stay Safe.

  • Sara Hanrahan

    Thank You as well and Stay Safe!

  • Firefighter

    Thanks for the add!

  • charles

    Your welcome chief ron i add anyone that is my fellow firefighter yall can add me on facebook at id be happy to be yalls friend im as safe as anyother firefighter same goes for your brother

    Hello Ron,

    Thanks for the invite brother - All the best to you and your Department!


  • Paul White

    Thank you sir. 
  • Kevin Adams

    Thanks Chief, its honor being your friend.

  • Desiree Henderson

    Right back at ya, Chief!
  • alvin lee rotharmel

    no problem and thanks for you comment and you be safe i know how hard it is to be a chief and i wish you the best

  • Kaitlin Reick

    Thank you for the add Ron. You stay safe as well.

  • Timothy John Dodson

    Thank you, Chief,  for accepting my friends request. Hope that you, your family,  and your department have a safe and happy holiday season.

  • Timothy John Dodson

    Happy Birthday, Chief!!!!

  • Norm Tindell


    Thanks very much for allowing me to be among your FFN friends. I enjoy interacting with you guys. I enjoyed viewing your photos. Stay safe out there!

  • Heather

    Thank you! I'm enjoying the game with you! You be safe as well!


    Thanks for taking the time to comment Chief - Glad you enjoyed the vid!

    All the best,


  • Timothy John Dodson

    You're very welcome, Chief.

  • Anita King

    Happy Anniversary! 30 years and the best is yet to come, I love you with all my heart!

  • Kimberly Peterson

    Congrats to you and your lovely bride on the anniversary!

  • Evgenie Frolov from Russia

    Hello I wish to be safe too =)

  • Timothy John Dodson

    Happy New Year, Chief!!!!!

  • Lynn Mihalich

    Thank you and you stay safe as well (:
  • Timothy John Dodson

    Happy Birthday, Chief!!!!!!!

  • Jackie Horner

    Thanks for adding me, friend...Greetings from Connecticut

  • Angie Hughes

    You too!

  • Heather Riethmuller

    Thank you, you do the same! :-) 

  • Stephanie Nix

    Ur welcome for the add! I will stay safe and u do the same! I have a question that's really been asked a lot around here,what's your opinion on giving felons a chance to be a firefighter if they have done great for a few years? Any answer you give will be glad appreciated! Thank you!
  • Anita King

    Happy Birthday Sweetie, I love you!