Hi all! Just trying to get a feel for what kind of equipment is still in service out there! We've got a 1956 Ward LaFrance that was purchased new by the Dept and is still in active service (although not commonly!). Believe it or not, it's a 750 GPM Pump and is more powerful than a lot of the newer stuff we've got! The newest in the fleet is a 2003 Marion 75' Aerial Ladder. We've got a couple older trucks that are being restored and are collectors, but nothing else that old on the active roster. Anyone else still have good old trucks?

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we have a 2007 gmc tanker in service now but we have a 71 international and a 1932 buffflo to we use the 32 innthe summer parades but it is still in active duty but has not left the station on a call in 5 years.
Are you sure on these trucks??
Our department has a 1973 Mack/Baker Aeriolscope that was orriginally in station 58 in the Bronx. It is in Fort Apache the Bronx.

A neghboring department has our 1964 Ford/Midwest that is used as a first in engine.

And Jonesville Fire Department has one of the most unique pieces i have seen. Its a 1950 Ford, only its on a 1944 Chassis and has no brass. It was on the lin when the war started in 1944 and was puched off the line and left for 6 years. During the war all brass was taken from it and used for the war effort. The couplings and other odds and ends were replaced with puter. A one of a kind.
Wow, I'd love to see some pictures of that 50/44!!!
my fire company has two trucks that are old the first on is a 1975 dueces and 1/2 brush truck and a 1986 pierce --arrow> pumper sorry had to do make an arrow with it
We still have our first truck...its still servicable but alas...now more designated for parades and special events....its a 1929 Sanford...still pumps great too....Paul
There is a 1947 American laFrance still inservice in Garnett, Kansas. Oddly... the "twin" to this truck had been restored and is on display In Manhattan, Kansas... go figure.
We have a 1987 Pierce engine that is a back up for a front line engine breaking down. When I came on the department in 1996 we still had as a front line engine, a 1963 Howe engine that had been refurbed in 1979 to enclose the cab and rework the pump.
the oldest truck in the department im on is a 1978 maxim that is used for water supply and is also 2nd do on forestry calls the newest truck we got is an 07 FFA intruder 2 quint with the 77 foot ariel and 400 gallon tank

the neighboring city rochester is running a 1975 mack as there oldest piece but that there reserve truck and hasnt been used in 2 years
our first and oldest fire truck is a 1944 International army tanker that was donated to us in 1959, we used it till the 1980's.
Our oldest piece of apparatus is a 1972 Ford L-900 chassis, built by Middlesex Fire Equipment Montpelier Vt. It has a 1000 gpm with 1000 gal. tank. The truck it self has a 534 gas engine with a spicer 5 spd. trans. It is mainly used for water supply, mutual aid and training.
damn, how many "gallons per mile" does this baby get?


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