February 2012 Blog Posts (33)

2012 Ford Explorer

Below are a few pictures of the 2012 Ford Explorer taken at a recent car show.  As you scan the pictures think about your cut zones and the need to rip some plastic to look for new vehicle technology. Read on.

Click over to Boron Extrication for more.

Pass it on.  

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Portable Pond Set-Up - Company Drill

Over the next few weeks several water shuttle related company drill topics will be added.  In Ohio the terminology is tanker, however, it is synonymous with other regions tender terminology.   Many of these skill set times are evaluated when ISO comes to visit you, but more importantly the training will improve your operations.  *Keep track of your times and the evolution description for later use with ISO.  …


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Controlling High Cholesterol in Firefighters

High Cholesterol...

Cholesterol comes from eating too many eggs, bacon, and other animal foods high in fat and cholesterol, right? Not always. First off, cholesterol works as a building block for all the cells in the body, as well as your body's repair mechanism for damaged cells, especially the ones in your blood vessels and digestive tract. So when you consume foods that are high in additives, preservatives, colorings, and other toxic processes it leads to damaged cells.…

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San Francisco FD Berkeley Way Double LODD Report Issued: Routine Fire….

“On Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 10:45 a.m., the San Francisco Fire Department responded to Box 8155, at 133 Berkeley Way. What was seemingly a routine working fire in a single family residence quickly transformed into a fierce and unrelenting incident with ultimately tragic results...Read the report excerpts and follow the links on CommandSafety.com…


Added by Christopher J. Naum, SFPE on February 24, 2012 at 9:46pm — No Comments

First Due Friday; Attached Garage w/ Heavy Fire & Extension

What would your FD do for this attached garage fire?  What would you do to address the extension issues?   Give us the report and your RECEO VS considerations.  Enjoy!


Be Safe

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Drunk in the Station, you be the judge.


I was asked by a reader if I was ever drunk at work. That is a difficult question to simply answer with a yes or no. In the early days before my alcoholism had fully bloomed, I did show up to work hung-over frequently.


By the standards now in place in the modern world, I’m sure I showed up under the influence. Nobody can drink all night long on a Friday, from 8-9 o’clock until 2:00 am and show up to work at 7:00 and be sober. It’s…


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I have bad reputation and am proud of it.

How do you get a “reputation” in the fire service? Obviously there are two main types of reps a person can acquire. The good and the bad, but are either of those considered positive or negative?


I can only speak from my personal experience and based on direct feedback I received from mostly supervisors. I had a chance in the last week to sit down and have a cup of Joe with a fire chief I used to work for.


My book has caused a lot…


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Surprise Interior School Bus Fire

The video below shows a surprise live fire training session involving a school bus.  Although realistic, be cautious in setting up a surprise scenario.  Here are a few things to think about ahead of time if your the instructor in charge: Read on.

Pass it on!

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join to facebook

Cristian Spetcu…


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Truckies Come Home!

Emphasis has been on Rolling Stock -- Not Tactics

by: Lou Angeli


(St. Louis, MO ) - Ever since Neil Svetanics, former Chief of the St. Louis Fire Department, popularized the "Quint Concept" 20 years ago, the nation's fire departments have gone crazy for quints. The concept that some said was a only a passing fad is still claiming new…


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Trombe Walls

Since ancient times, people have used thick walls of adobe or stone to trap the sun’s heat

during the day and release it slowly and evenly at night to heat their buildings. Today’s

low-energy(green) buildings often improve on this ancient technique by incorporating a thermal

storage and delivery system called a Trombe wall.



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Challenges Everywhere

Hey, here are some pictures sent to me by a Brother who is going out the DOING the job. The whole job.  He and his crew are getting out and checking on things.  Bob gets IT and thanks for the pics.  These are in his still area and these are buildlings that get inspected and then they go right back to doing this kind of stuff.   We have to be prepared for everything and anything.  Imagine being the RIT and forcing the back door to make access for a Mayday and dealing with the mattresses?…


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Pot vs. Booze?


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My Suicide.

I have to preface this post. I have been requested to write a personal story for a publication that deals with grief, bereavement and an increasing occurrence of suicide in firefighters. This is a very personal story and an exposure for me, but I am willing to share it in the hope it might help another. So understand I don't share this in an effort to generate sympathy from you. I share it with hope in my…


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Firefighters are superstitious.


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9/11 FDNY Speaker

I am looking for a current or former FDNY member that might be willing to speak at our 9/11 Remembrance ceremony. The Ceremony occurs in the evening on September 11th each year . Attendance is free to the public and all area firefighters are invited. Attendance runs about 300 to 500 people. Our county fire fighters association will cover cost.

Usually we allot 20-30 minutes for a guest speaker.

This will be our 11th ceremony.  The ceremony is traditionally a…


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CFD-Chief Thomas Hoff:

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Chicago Battalion Chief Thomas Hoff dying in the line of duty. He is the Father of Chicago Fire Commissioner Bob Hoff.

HERE is a link to the information on the LODD from the archive at IFSI (Illinois Fire Service Institute):…


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