• For Volunteers, Do your engineers work on the apparatus?

    When I started 30 years ago our engineers did minor maintenance on our engines. Now the guy we have favorite words are, "get it towed to the dealer" I understand things have changed since then but are there engineers that still change the oil and stuff?

    By Just Plain Craig Moyer

  • Stoicism and the Art of Fighting Fire

    “A blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.”–M. AureliusThe stoic does not overreact. (Unsplash)By…

    By FFN WebTeam

  • The Assessment Center

    What does your agency expect of a member in this position?To properly prepare, you need to understand the position that you are testing for. (Wayne Barrall photo)By Lisa…

    By FFN WebTeam

  • COVID 19 Novel Corona Virus Info

    More helpful info from Northwestern Doctors:The Chinese now understand the behavior of the COVID 19 virus. Through autopsies they’ve learned that the virus is characterized by thick mucus obstructing respiratory pathways that solidifies and blocks airways and lungs. In order to apply medicine and…

    By Alvin Gonzalez

  • Mobile App to Manage Fire Hydrants

    Hi, I am the creator of the app / service called Fire Hydrant Manager (http://firehydrantmanager.com). I invite all fire departments / fire chiefs to sign up for my service and to download the app on iOS and Android. Fire Hydrant Manager was designed for…

    By Aaron Wright

  • going for my ham license

    after careful consideration I'm going for my ham license.Ive had a spate of repairing radios and antenna systems due to an incident where we had to redirect large trucks on a narrow road.at the time of the night that it happened a vehicle into a pole and live lines down! it was a while before the…

    By Ted Mead

  • I'm making an app that'll have recipes from firehouses.

    Like the title states, I'm making an app that'll have recipes from firemen that they cook at the firehouse from around the globe. I was wondering if anyone is willing to add to my list of meals that I already have on it. If you're interested and want your name tied to your meal give me consent and…

    By David

  • Can you recieve fire alerts on a CB?????

    Is a CB compatible with fire dept stuff? Because , my protable is about shot and I am in the market. For those of you who were on my minitor forum, I have decided to buy a radio instead of a pager. I'm sticking with the 3. I was thinking that they weren't but I wasnt sure. Also could I get your…

    By Jacob

  • Is 10-4 now 10-7?

    I was just wondering if anyone uses 10-codes over the radio or plain language. We are told to use plain language but the occasional 10-code comes out. Mainly it is the 10-4 or for situations with a death it is referred to as a 10-7 (out of service). Also whichever you use what are the pros and cons…

    By Gordon "Gopher" Runer

  • through a vehicle hose deployment

    twitter, and other social media is ablaze with rants about this incident.…

    By Ted Mead