• Can you recieve fire alerts on a CB?????

    Is a CB compatible with fire dept stuff? Because , my protable is about shot and I am in the market. For those of you who were on my minitor forum, I have decided to buy a radio instead of a pager. I'm sticking with the 3. I was thinking that they weren't but I wasnt sure. Also could I get your…

    By Jacob

  • Is 10-4 now 10-7?

    I was just wondering if anyone uses 10-codes over the radio or plain language. We are told to use plain language but the occasional 10-code comes out. Mainly it is the 10-4 or for situations with a death it is referred to as a 10-7 (out of service). Also whichever you use what are the pros and cons…

    By Gordon "Gopher" Runer

  • For Volunteers, Do your engineers work on the apparatus?

    When I started 30 years ago our engineers did minor maintenance on our engines. Now the guy we have favorite words are, "get it towed to the dealer" I understand things have changed since then but are there engineers that still change the oil and stuff?

    By Just Plain Craig Moyer

  • through a vehicle hose deployment

    twitter, and other social media is ablaze with rants about this incident.…

    By Ted Mead

  • Mobile App to Manage Fire Hydrants

    Hi, I am the creator of the app / service called Fire Hydrant Manager (http://firehydrantmanager.com). I invite all fire departments / fire chiefs to sign up for my service and to download the app on iOS and Android. Fire Hydrant Manager was designed for…

    By Aaron Wright

  • Field Training Officer

    I'm working on a field training officer program and a program for a FTO director. If any one has a program that I could review would be appreciated. you can email me at keith.sartin@bcrs.orgThank you for your assistance.

    By Keith Sartin

  • Lucky to be Alive Incidents

    went out on a call the other day (MVA) truck struck a utility pole due to icy roads. the young couple escaped the vehicle in the short interval before the auto-recloser re-nergized the lines.the vehicle then burned as the power came back on before the engine arrived(rural area)this couple escaped…

    By Ted Mead

  • The Roundtable: Most Fundamental Fireground Responsibility

    Opinions from Around the CountryPhoto courtesy of Robbinsville Professional Firefighters IAFF Local 3786 @IAFFLocal3786 Bobby Halton and Bill CareyWe are reinitiating the…

    By FFN WebTeam

  • Interpreting Heat Signatures

    Heat signatures can be masked Firefighters need to understand how a thermal imager interprets heat signatures to successfully use this life-saving tool. (Photo courtesy of…

    By FFN WebTeam

  • Missouri Firefighter Killed in House Fire

    West Peculiar firefighter dies fighting a mid-morning house fireFirefighterNation StaffWEST PECULIAR, Missouri – A West Peculiar firefighter died Sunday while battling a…

    By FFN WebTeam