S.L.O.W. Team

  • Ron King (Fire Chief)

    Sometimes I feel that we may go to far on fires. We take to many changes. I know when I was a green horn I would worry my Chief all the time. Now I see what he was talking about. We have so many buildings and homes we know has no one in them. And fire is everywere. But we take those changes! They are covered and will be payed for and will be rebuilt. We cannot replace our Firefighters. Think about it. Safety should aways be first!
  • Timothy J. Gaffney, Jr.

    Chief King, while we're on the topic of building construction, I participated in a workshop at FDIC (Fire Department Instructors Conference) in 2010. The workshop was on Single Truck Company Operations and presented by a DC firefighter. He told the class that he felt comfortable in performing a search in every structure (both vacant and occupied). So I raised my hand and challenged his remark by telling him its a contradiction to Courage To Be Safe and Chief Billy Goldfeder who preach to not run into EVERY building. But even after stating that, the DC firefighter still stuck to his guns with his statement. Sometimes you just can't change people's thinking.