Montague Center Fire Department

Welcome to the Montague Center Fire Dept. Please feel free to talk about anything you want to. Please dont use this area to slam or slander anybody by name. We would like for everyone to feel free to check us out.
  • Katarina Palso

    Well...this group seems very empty...i think we need to get some more people to join it and maybe get some use out of it...just felt like adding something on here so it wasnt as empty anymore.
  • Greg Mcvey

    have a friend on here that could really use some help , he is in the Phillippines and they fight fire's with no PPE's or SCBA's they are a non profite Vol station and he is asking if any one could help them with some out dated PPE's and boots , if we can help out a fellow firefighter i am sure he would be grateful , it bothers me knowing that we have firefighter's fighting fire's with no gear , scba's , boots or gloves , lets see if we can step up and help a fellow firefighter out ...