Northwestern Pennsylvania Firefighters

For Firefighters, EMT's, and First Responders in NW Pennsylvania. Especially in the counties of Erie, Crawford, Venango, Mercer, Warren, Forrest, and Butler
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  • Matt Nesius

    Hey all, I wanted to invite you guys to check out my new site its completely free. Its a site where FFs can buy and sell their stuff to other FFs, fire-related or life-related. I would aslo appreciate any feedback you guys have. Thanks. Stay safe.
  • Aaron Baptist

    Hi guys I'm Aaron and currently a firefighter in Butler county Buffalo TWP station 27
  • Ted Mead

    community education on rubbish fires!

    I feel there is a need for community education on rubbish or brush fires.

    all too often we have responded to wild fires caused by rubbish and brush fires that were either unattended or placed too close to wooded areas or tall grass, and people not preparing for them properly!

    given the dry conditions we've had its just a disaster waiting to happen.

    responsibility is crucial but many people do not have the training for basic fire control and end up getting in trouble over it.