For Volunteers, Do your engineers work on the apparatus?

When I started 30 years ago our engineers did minor maintenance on our engines. Now the guy we have favorite words are, "get it towed to the dealer" I understand things have changed since then but are there engineers that still change the oil and stuff?
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    George Pineo

    we do as much as we can in house. We have a couple of heavy duty mech's part of our dept this helps alot. We only send out for warrenty work and tire and brake ( liability issue)
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    Ted Mead

    small equipment maintenance such as trash pumps, portable generators, hydraulic pumps, "minor" vehicular electric and mechanical work. 

    our equipment (Trucks and main generator) is under maintenance contracts for major and cyclic pms so a lot of what we do with these is detailed visual inspections and reporting of abnormalities we find.

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    In my dept. we had a what they called a "Chief Engineer" basically head of maintenance responsible for vehicles. We did minor repairs anything else went to a repair garage. We didn't have a rank for engineer but we had 3 very qualified for the pumps.