Can you recieve fire alerts on a CB?????

Is a CB compatible with fire dept stuff? Because , my protable is about shot and I am in the market. For those of you who were on my minitor forum, I have decided to buy a radio instead of a pager. I'm sticking with the 3. I was thinking that they weren't but I wasnt sure. Also could I get your opinions on a good radio . It needs to be one I can communicate on of course....... not a scanner.
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    Fireyladd - Chief Sharp

    A CB is not compatible with FD stuff. CB can communicate with CB's thats Citizen band. If your looking for a radio you'ed better be in contact with your FD because just because yo have a radio dosnt man you can operate it. Most FD's have designated frequency channels that you must have permission to operate on. Let alone listen to.
    My suggestion for a radio is Bendix King. They make the standard big one or now they actually have a smaller one that is about the same price as the Motorola Minitor 5. Personally I wouldnt own anything Motorola. Piss poor products. I have bought and used Bendix King radios for 24 years.
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    Ok. Thanks for lettin me know.
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    Ted Mead

    cb radios can be of some use, But not as firefighting communications.

    I have one in my pov because sometimes we have had to close roads due to accidents and the cb gave me a means of communicating the road closure to the truckers in our area.

    I have been thanked many times for the advanced notices.