5-Alarn Task Force's 2019 Review

First, I hope that you and yours had a safe and wonderful holiday season!
Though we’re just starting 2020, 2019 was another great year for 5-Alarm Task Force. Here are some of our stats for 2019.
1. Once again, we “crossed the world,” with listeners in nearly 40 countries, on six of the seven continents! (p.s. I'm still attempting to contact the fire brigade at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. That would place us on all SEVEN continents!)

2. I’ve learned that “Downloads” are just one factor when examining the depth of a podcast. The new term is, “accesses,” as listeners “access” the podcast in many ways; a good number of which don’t include downloading a show. So, in 2019, we experienced just under 40,000 accesses of our episodes!

3. Spotify also helped us travel the world with listeners from France to Australia (please keep those folks in your hearts & prayers) and New Zealand.
With sincere appreciation to our podcast host, Podomatic, we have listeners in the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa, to mention a few.

My sincere thanks to all of you here on Instagram, for your interest and support! Without you, our podcast world would have a gaping hole in it!

And please remember, if YOU have a topic you'd like to share with my listeners that deals with the fire service in particular or all first responders in general, please contact me via email at dalmatprod-at-outlook.com (You know the CORRECT way to format that address! I just don't want bots picking it up!)

Now - what can we do for 2020?
Stay tuned - there could be a big change coming.