Big Challengers - Small Departments

Many of us in the fire service believe that, for the most part, most fire departments in North America are the same, other than size and run numbers, with some being career and others volunteer. Part of that broad statement is that many of us still face major organizational problems. How we deal with them might make a difference.


Chief Stan Metcalfe of the Beaverlodge Fire Dept., in Alberta Canada explains that while many departments might have similar problems, it is how we approach these problems that can often set one department apart from others. In this podcast, Chief Metcalfe breaks his topic into three segments, “Setting Expectations for Success,” “Developing a Leadership Culture,” and “Maintaining Momentum Through Training.”


Each of these sections is easily applicable to most departments across North America, especially our volunteer departments. As you listen to Chief Metcalfe, don’t be surprised if what he discusses sounds like your firehouse! Better yet, the Chief offers concrete suggestions for overcoming the obstacles discussed. Think about it, then pass it on!


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