Firefighter Health initiatives in Canada

Episode 4-12 – Bradley Davidson, CFEI – Firefighter Health Initiatives in Canada

Brad Davidson is a Canadian Fire Executive with 38 years serving, “Mrs. Smith.” Brad has a strong love and passion for the fire service, underscored by his years of experience and his certifications. Through out chats on Twitter and by phone, I shared my passion regarding the Fire Service Cancer Initiative with him. And with that, he was off and running.

He has done several years of research since our first conversation on the topic and has tried to be as proactive as possible in promoting the Initiative in Canada. Yet, outside of the country’s major metropolitan areas, it is still a “tough sell.” But that won’t be a hindrance to Brad.

Join us as we talk about our friendship and his strong efforts to support and spread the word on both the Cancer and Behavioral Health Initiatives in our neighbor to the north.


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