Lets start by talking about types & what they are suited for.

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how about area searches and the best type of dog for it, i think sheppards, malinwas(spelling is wrong sorry) and labs are the best for that type of search
There is no doubt in my mind that all those breeds are good for that. But I also brlive that labs make great search dogs because they are hunters & that is what they are really doing. I also belive that Sheprds & malies make the best bite (prtection) breeds because they have that in there blood line/
yes i totally agree, we had a mix on our team of quite a few breeds, they all could do something a little different than the other dogs, but they all seem to be able to do what they were out there for. I have a lab that i used, she was so awesome at area searches, and would not stop, she kept going for the whole time, but when the day was done so was she. We had shepards and they worked about the same as a lab would, there were two blood hounds, they were awesome at trailing/tracking, they could follow the trail to a T. We even had an english setter i think, i cant totally remember the breed, they were ok, it just didnt seem like that was the type of dog that should be searching, but yea i like labs the best for any type of search, and public relations, like you said with the hunting background, and they attitudes are just so amazing, its what they want to do, my dog thought is was a game she loved playing it.
hi all . i personally like labs i have been training mine for 2 years and he is my first one . love the challenge of training and the awesome reward when you teach them and they actually do it . mine is a silver lab and loves his job he is an air scent and likes rubble, building, and area searches
My first wilderness dog was a Border Collie. My next two, one past and one current, are Labs, buth USAR dogs. My latest is a Mal I'm training for USAR HR (Cadaster).


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